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best video call app for android chat app – 2020.

Now we take for you about the top 10 best video calling app. If you also want to talk to video calling in your Android smartphone, then I will tell you about the top 10 best video calling app so that you can talk to your girlfriend or boyfriend with a good quality video call, so read this article completely.

In the last few years, the technology around us has developed a lot. There was a day when we used to go to the market to make a call, then we could call and in today’s time, people like to make video calls. Nowadays, many videos calling apps for Android smartphones are available on the internet which makes video calling easy.

But due to having so many apps, we do not understand what can be good for the best video calling apps because it is very difficult to trust any apps. After all, there is a lot of froude scam on the internet. After all, the video call thing While doing so many things which are personal as well, that is why all these things have to be kept in mind. Therefore, I have brought for you 10 best applications that you will feel very beneficial.

So, I will tell you about the top 10 best video calling on which you will be able to talk well. If you are among those who like to make video calls with text messages, then you are reading the right article. , In this article, we are going to share some best free calling apps, which you can use on your Android smartphone.

Top 10 Best Video Calling Apps 2020. -

10 Best social video chat apps 2020.

#1. Skype App (Free)

Skype is one of the best online video calling and voice calling app that has made its name in the whole world, its security is very good if you want to talk to your girlfriend or boyfriend more personally then skype is one of the best android video calling apps Can.

It has many features which are absolutely free and its special thing is that the quality of the video is very good so that users are more impressed and there is a benefit of using skype, you will get most people on this network and hence it It may be possible.

That your friends are also using it so that you can talk and its interface is also very good, which makes it even easier to use, it supports android iPhone or pc in all devices.

Skype App. -

#2. Hike App (Free)

So Guys is second on this list, Hike Messenger Video Calling App for Android, it is also very popular and everyone’s favorite video calling app, the special thing of this app is that anyone can use its interface, you can talk with text message Can do

Along with this, a lot of people can talk to a video call in a conference simultaneously. It also supports many languages ​​such as Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Bengali, Gujarati, etc. and inside it, there is a photo filter so that editing and making photos is easy Makes that if it has many features, then you should use it.

Therefore, you should use this application and make the most of it because this application is very good.

Hike App. -

#3. WhatsApp (Free)

WhatsApp is a simple and personal real-time messaging app as soon as you hear the name WhatsApp. It is one of the most used apps worldwide, Know this is one of the most useful users in the world.

And talk about device support, it is available on almost all devices such as iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows, etc. on the internet.

You can make free calls with video calls with friends from WhatsApp. By the way, everyone talks about WhatsApp, whether it is a video call or voice call, they do everything on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp. -

#4. Instagram (Free)

So, friends, Instagram is also the most popular app. What is Instagram? There are so many features in it, you may already know all these things, but if you talk about video calls, you can also talk in it very easily.

In this, you can send free voice video and photo, how safe and secure it is, you know it well because what is the most used in today’s time, then I will definitely suggest to you it that you must use it.

#5. Google Voice (Free)

Google voice free is an Android app for voice calls that allows users to send free text messages as well as make free calls domestic. Internet costs are only for making free calls or sending messages to users. Users can also listen to the voice message and can even read the message.

There are many more things you can do through this application. So use this application and take advantage of it. Very good application.

Google Duo App. -

6. Google Duo App (Free)

Google Duo is the only Bharosha dim android video calling app that makes it easy to talk to video calling and the quality of the video is very hard and its special thing is that your privacy is very protected in it so there is no tension of your privacy in it. it happens.

And google duo supports almost all the devices, so that’s why you should use it once.

#7. WeChat App (Free)

Well let me tell you, this is another best Android video calling tool that is very popular on platforms like Android and iOS. In this, 10 people can talk among themselves together and with this, you can make a group of 500 and chat with each other.

And in this, you can talk to your special people comfortably in the way you want. Secure WeChat allows other WeChat users to make video calls. Not only video calls, but you can send transfer video photo documents and much more.

You should also use this application once. Because this application is very beneficial for you guys.

WeChat App. -

#8. Messenger Apps (Free)

Facebook Messenger makes it easy for you to talk with your friends, which means you can talk to anyone in it, whether your text message or video call, it provides everything to you. People who run the Facebook messenger app in their android phones Must have kept

Messenger is like testing but you do not have to pay for every message. You can also talk to people from other countries as long as you want.

#9. Hangouts Apps (Free)

It is a popular web-based video-calling android app that was introduced as a part of the Google Hangouts social media platform. Google Hangouts video chat service About 10 people can talk via video calling at a time.

If you wish to have the best and most secure video chatting then this is only for you as it is a product of Google and you will know how secure google product is, then you can use hangouts.

#10. Viber Apps (Free)

Viber is another free video call application for Android that sends phone calls, text and multimedia messages, video messages, and whatever is happening with you and you can share your location. You can make your message interesting and beautiful by using stickers and emotion.

And in this, you can also create a group of 100 people. Information will make it easy to see Viber who is calling you, this is also easily found on the application play store.

You download this application by going to the play store and take advantage of this application because it is a very good application.

NOTE – So today I have told you about the top 10 best video calling app. Application is very beneficial for you, so you download this application quickly and use it well.

I hope you enjoy reading this post. If you have any questions related to this post, then comment below. And share this post on all social media.


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