Set video ringtones for incoming call using Love Video Ringtone app


You must be setting the audio ringtones for your incoming call. But you never use the video ringtones for your incoming calls. You can easily set the video ringtones for your all or individual contacts using the love video ringtone for the incoming call app.

Love Video Ringtone for Incoming Call

Love video ringtone is one of the best apps that allows you to set the video ringtone for your incoming calls. You can set your favorite video for your special one incoming call. You can also change the call buttons.


  • Set the video ringtone from your phone gallery
  • Use the default video ringtone
  • Change the call buttons
  • Adjust the volume
  • Use the Flash for incoming call
  • Set the unique background

How to download and use the Love Video Ringtone for Incoming Call app.

To download this app you have to click on the download link to download the app on your phone. You have to open this app on your phone and tap on the Screen Overlay, Basic permission, and other options to grant permission to this app.


Tap on the Set Back option to choose and set the background option on your incoming call. After this tap on the select video option to set the video on your incoming call on your phone. You can use the default video or choose your favorite video from your phone gallery.

Tap on the Choose from Gallery option and select the video to set and it will show you the preview. Tap on the tick icon top of the right and select to set for all contacts or individual contact. If you want to set for an individual then select an individual option or select all contacts.

If you want to set a video ringtone for an individual incoming call then you have to select that individual contact from your contact list. For all contacts simply tap on the all contact option and it will set that video for your all contacts incoming call. You can also change the call buttons.


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