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How to send WhatsApp message without saving number, it is very easy way.


WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world. WhatsApp constantly coming new features to its users. But one feature that still not come in WhatsApp is the ability to send messages without saving the number. So in this article we are going to tell you how to send message on WhatsApp without saving number?

Whenever we have to send a WhatsApp message to an unknown person, then fi rst we have to save the number. Sometimes it happens that we forget to delete the number. By keeping the number of an unknown person saved, many of your private information remains at risk.

For example, if you have saved a cab driver’s number to send your location, then forget to delete it, then he will be able to see your WhatsApp DP and status until later. In such a situation, one of our tricks can be of great use to you.


How to send WhatsApp Message without saving number?

Step1. First of all open your phone browser like, chrome, google,

Step2. Now you paste this link your phone browser ( number)

Step3. In place of phone number, you will need to enter the phone number along with the country code. like,

Step4. After typing the link open it in the browser

Step5. After this a new page will open, where you will see a message button with phone number.

Step6. Tap on this message button, which will open the WhatsApp web version in the browser.

Step7. Now you can message without saving the number.

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