Realme cloning Dynamic Island
Realme cloning Dynamic Island

Realme is cloning iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island concept. Last year in September Apple introduced its iPhone 14 with this feature. Since then it was expected that soon an Android smartphone would be launched with the same functionality.

According to the available reports the subbrand of Oppo, Realme might be the first Android OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) to clone iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island. The company is calling it ‘Realme Mini Capsule’. Know all details of this rumored device in the article below.

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Realme cloning iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island

Realme is all set to launch one of its upcoming smartphones with Dynamic Island. This means Android smartphone makers will soon be available to access Dynamic Island on their mobile phones.

According to the available reports, the company may launch it at Mobile World Congress in the coming week. The company CEO Madhav Sheth had earlier dropped some hints that the device could belong to the entry-level Realme – C series.

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As per the leaked images coming from internal company documents, there is an elongated hole punch that looks exactly like the iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island with a floating user Interface. The handset includes a pill-like camera cutout.

The cursory look in the image discloses that Realme’s Island will be broader than Apple’s, however, the functions may be similar. The report further suggests that being to the c series, the device will be much more affordable.

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Realme Mini Capsule feature

A leaked GIF of the Mini Capsule shows the charging status will be visible on the Island once it is connected to the charger. The capsule also expands to display some other quick information and then subsides after some time just like the iPhone 14 Pro. Sheth had earlier twitted about this upcoming Dynamic Island clone but later deleted it.

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At present, there is no news on when Realme’s Dynamic Island will finally be available. Currently, iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island displays call and message notifications, charging status, timer, music controls, and live activities. Realme may or may not add some more functionalities to its version. However, it will be known after the upcoming C series is finally at hand.

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