Mute WhatsApp and Telegrams Conversations
Mute WhatsApp and Telegrams Conversations

Many times you must be getting annoyed by unwanted messages flooding your inbox. This is very irritating as it leads to information overload and this affects your overall functioning. Muting those annoying conversations is a very good option to avoid such situations. In this article, you will know how to Mute your WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram Conversations on your Android Device.

In maximum cases where you receive too many messages unusually group chats are the reason. Though exiting the group chat seems to be a simple solution for this but it is not that simple always. There are few such groups that you cannot exit for personal or professional reasons.

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This means that there are some groups that you cannot leave because you have to remain updated about all the ongoing events and activities. However, at times the number of messages can end up bringing distraction.

Thus to mute your WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram conversations is a happy neutral medium between tolerating the message notifications and leaving conversations. But you must know that muting a conversation is always reversible.

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Mute Conversation on WhatsApp

To mute your WhatsApp Conversation first go to your chat. Then long press the individual or group conversation that you want to mute. A bar will appear on the top with different icons. From there tap the mute icon. A dialog box will pop up with three different time duration. Now select your desired duration to mute the particular Conversation.

Mute Conversation on Facebook Messenger

To mute your Facebook Messenger Conversation open your chat at the first step. After this just like WhatsApp Messenger, long press on the particular Conversation that you want to mute. Several options will pop up. Select the ‘Mute Notification’ option from there. At last, select your desired durations from the dialog box that appears.

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Mute Conversation on Telegram Messenger

To mute your Telegram Conversation go to your chat list. Then long press the particular Conversation you want to mute. Next tap on the mute icon that appears on the top bar. Hear also same dialog box will appear that gives you the option to choose the duration until which you want to mute the conversation. From here you can select ‘Disable’ if you want to mute the conversation permanently.

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Hope you find this step-by-step guidance helpful to know how to mute your WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram Conversations on your Android device. For more tech news keep following us.

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