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Set the Matrix wallpaper on your phone using the Matrix Live wallpaper app


You must be setting the different types of wallpaper on your phone. You must e setting the 3D wallpaper, live wallpaper, animation wallpaper, glitter wallpaper, etc. But you never use the Matrix live wallpaper on your phone.

The Matrix live wallpaper will looks awesome and give attractive looks to your phone screen. Today I am explaining about the Matrix Live Wallpaper. You will have to read this article till the end to know more about this wallpaper.

Matrix Live Wallpaper app

This is one of the best app that lets users set the matrix wallpaper. It is a live wallpaper apps. So, you can set the live Matrix wallpaper on your phone home and lock screen.


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  • Change the color of the live Matrix
  • Change the color of the Matrix Background
  • Set the different falling symbols like digits, binary, stars, pixels, currency, snowflakes, etc
  • Adjust the falling speed of matrix
  • Change the

How to Download New Matrix Live Wallpaper app?

You have to go to the Google Play Store and search the app and download it on your phone. You can also download the app via given link. Go to the end of this post and tap on the download option to download and install the Matix wallpaper.

You have to open this app once you have install it on your phone. Tap on the set wallpaper option and you will see the Matrix wallpaper. You have to tap on the set wallpaper option and select where your want to set Home Screen and Home screen and lock screen.

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Tap on the home screen or lock screen and your wallpaper is set to your phone screen. You can tap on the settings icon then tap on the color option to change the color of the matrix and background color of the wallpaper.



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