Jio AirFiber Launch Revealed
Jio AirFiber Launch Revealed

The most awaited Jio AirFiber launch date has been revealed. An innovative wireless internet solution has now received a launch date. This announcement came to light in The Reliance AGM 2023. Let’s dive into this detailed article to know what was unveiled at Jio’s annual event.

A Landmark Launch: Jio AirFiber’s Arrival

As tech enthusiasts are eagerly waiting, Jio AirFiber, the wireless internet solution, is set to be introduced in the Indian tech market.

In the Annual Growth Meeting of Jio, Mukesh D Ambani, who’s taking reliance industries to the next level, confirmed that Jio Airfiber will make its grand entry on the upcoming Ganesh Chaturthi festival on the 19th of September 2023.


There’s no specific leak available about the pricing and subscription plans, But as per sources, Jio will let users enjoy fast-speed internet at cheaper prices than Airtel’s Xstream.

Comparatively, Airtel Xstream is offering 6 months subscription for around Rs. 7,294 and Jio is planning to offer the same for around Rs. 6,000 which is a 20% reduction.

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The Vision Unveiled: Jio AirFiber’s Purpose

Mukesh Dhurubhai Ambani, the head of Jio shed light during the AGM on the broader objective of Jio AirFiber and noted ” Our extensive optical fiber presence puts us in close proximity to over 200 million premises.

Yet, providing physical last-mile connectivity is a painstaking process in most parts of our country.”

Because of this many users jumped out of Jio’s customer’s bucket due to complexities and delays in extending optical fiber connections to their locations.

This is what Jio is targeting to resolve and will do as Mr. Ambani said.

Awaiting Clarity: What Lies Ahead

As the final information is not yet available, users must wait until September 19 for a clear and broader picture.

Drawing a parallel to Airtel’s Xstream AirFiber, which boasts compatibility with up to 64 devices through inbuilt Wi-Fi 6, Jio’s approach is eagerly awaited.

The services are operational now in Delhi and Mumbai, while Jio is set to expand it across the country.

Anticipating the Future: Stay Tuned

While the Jio AirFiber launch date has been revealed, internet users are eagerly waiting for the upcoming better and cheaper plans with a brand promise from Jio.

Making this move to make the user base broader than ever, Jio is now set for a significant step forward for India’s digital landscape.

Stay connected to witness the new internet revolution. Feel free to express your views on Jio’s fantastic move in the comments below.



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