How to hide the last seen of Instagram
How to hide the last seen of Instagram

Friends, people will be using Instagram, there will be many people who use Instagram and a lot of people know about Instagram. Because Instagram is a very famous platform. You can upload your photo video on Instagram and many more things that you can do on Instagram. So similarly if you use Instagram and you want to hide your last seen. If you do not know about it and you are very upset with it then you do not need to be upset anymore. Because inside this article I will tell you how you can hide your Instagram last seen Instagram Status?

Read this article till the last and read it carefully only then you will be able to understand because in today’s article I will explain to you step by step in the whole detail.

Why did Instagram last seen Hide?

Like Facebook and WhatsApp, we also get active Now status and last status feature on Instagram so that your friends can see whether you are online or not or when you were online? And your real-time status and last active time are also or show. Similarly, you can also see the active status and last seen time of your histogram friend but there are many people who do not want anyone to see their online activity status i.e. they want to hide their active status.


Hide Instagram last seen.

The number of internets is increasing day by day, there will be hardly any people who do not use social media apps. Almost everyone uses social media apps like Instagram, Facebook WhatsApp, etc. And by the way, you know that more people use Instagram than Facebook. Because it is a very good app in which you can share your photos and videos and also do many things on Instagram and also stay connected with your friend. In this, we get a close friend feature in which we can add our close friend i.e. the best friend.

How to Hide Last Seen Instagram?

There are many people who want to hide their online activities so that no one knows when I came online because if a friend messages you and you do not reply to that message then your friend may feel bad so If you want, then follow the steps given below and hide your last seen.

1. Open the Instagram app in your mobile, free here, the profile icon will appear by clicking on it and click on the 3 line menu option and select the setting option.

2. Now many options will be seen here, so click on the option with activity status.

3. Then you will see an option with show activity, in this you will be written that whom are you following on Instagram, keeping this option enabled. It can also see your friends and followers, and when messaging someone, they can see your last active, disable it by clicking on the box next to Activity Status.

So similarly you can hide the last scene on your Instagram. I have told you a very easy way so that if you understand quickly, then you must have understood and if you want to, you can.

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