How To Use Canva To Earn Money?
How To Use Canva To Earn Money?

People find ways to make money, and in the world of digitization, that’s becoming much easier to do. With the way things have been ongoing, it seems like platforms like Canva are being used by more and more users but guess what, not all are aware of the true potential of the platform.

In actuality, the platforms like Canva, they offer a lot of opportunities to make money through the products, content, and the services. It is because of it that many people today have started using them in order to earn the passive income. However, remember that this money doesn’t come easy. One will need a certain amount of effort as well as education for setting up the account, but once done, the award is yours to reap.

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In case if you are one such person planning to use Canva and have been looking for the some ideas to earn money through it, this post is for you. Just make sure, before you go ahead and use the same, you know what exactly is Canva.

A Guide to Canva

Canva is a platform for the online design and content creation with more than 100 million users. It allows the users to create the beautiful graphics, videos, social media posts, digital products, and much more.

It is also one of the highly popular tools among the online entrepreneurs, side hustlers, freelancers, and the remote workers and their teams, giving them a chance to collaborate in an asynchronous manner. So, if you are one creative person who’s looking for beginning the remote side hustle, Canva is the perfect tool that will help you in monetizing the skills and keeping the brain engaged in a creative manner, especially if you are one, who’s been struggling to work with the ADHD.

Popular Ways to Make Money Through Canva

  1. Selling Canva Templates

The Canva templates, they are used extensively by varied businesses, such as Pinterest images, social media images, infographics, presentations, or anything more. Further, with the use of it, it cuts the creation time right in half. Also, it would be worth mentioning that it isn’t just the business owners who use the Canva templates. Nowadays, it is also the parents, teachers, students, or anyone who uses it to take the advantage of the templates.

Some ideas for using Canva templates include, creating the Instagram story or carousel templates, Pinterest pin templates, TikTok templates, resume templates, website templates, newsletter templates, etc.

Now, to see any of these templates, you will be able to offer the buyers the shareable template link through the Canva as part of the digital download after they have purchased or just include the link as part of the instructional document, as part of the digital download. The choice is completely yours.

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If looking for websites where you can sell the templates, there are some apps like Shopify, Teachable, Stan Store, Etsy, etc.

  1. Creating/Selling Digital Products

Digital products like the journals, digital planners, digital art, on-demand workshops, eBooks, guides, etc., can be created and sold through platforms like Webinarjam, Teachable, Etsy, and others. This is one income stream that will perfectly, with time and momentum, help build an online business.

  1. Designing eBook Covers

Canva is one amazing option for the authors. It allows the users to self-publish the book through the platforms, including Apple Books for Authors or the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. The idea here is to make money by helping the authors to have the best covers, or rather the attractive ones, so that they can do the sales.

If you want to begin with it today, you can get in touch with the authors through the social media.

  1. Design the Announcements and Invitations 

The popular item that’s available on the Etsy, it’s both the digital and the printable items for the celebrations or any kind of special occasion. So, of such useful items can be announcements, invitations, save the dates, table settings, name tags, and even more, that can be created using the Canva. There are also some amazing templates that one can choose from that remains categorized according to the occasion.

If planning to make money, connect with the people who want birthday parties, baby showers, and other invitations. Believe it or not but invitations for all these occasions, through the professionals, are always in demand.

As part of what they offer, you can even offer the pre-made bundles or the custom orders for the groups and the individuals on the platforms, including Etsy/other websites.

  1. Creating Infographics

The websites and businesses, they use the infographics for explaining the complex information in a format that is very easy to understand. One will able to sell the infographic templates online as part of the digital product or the freelance the infographic creation skills for the clients.

Go ahead and use the platforms for offering the infographic design services through 99Designs and Fiverr.

  1. Designing Social Media Ads

The businesses, they turn towards the social media advertising for reaching the target audience. So, go ahead and offer the services for designing the visually appealing and the highly effective social media ads for the clients who use the Canva.

The potential clients can be gained through the platforms like, Upwork, Fiverr, and LinkedIn, or have the direct client outreach and through the lead magnets.

  1. Building the Brand on Canva and then Land Sponsorship Deals

Use the Canva for building the brand, no matter it is the content-creation-focused brand type or any other type of the brand, including the YouTube brand or the podcasting.

You will be able to use the Canva for creating the media kit and also branding the material for sending it to the potential partners, so as to earn the sponsorship income to work along with them on the marketing campaigns, which can serve both the end of the audiences.

In order to find better opportunities, you can use the direct messaging choice to the brands you wish to work with. It can be done through the platforms like the IG or the TikTok or using the websites including Upfluence and Aspire.

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Final Words

If you are looking for making money, truly, now is the time to just use the above-mentioned choices and work through them. They are some widely and differentiated choices that are getting into the market and creating a demand for themselves. Also, the excitement it will bring in to work on all of these it would be an add-on with the money. So, go ahead and try it all. Begin your business today and do better.




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