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Know how to turn on Two – Step verification for your Telegram account


Telegram’s two-step verification is a security feature that provides users authentication of their account. This feature ensures that it is actually you who is trying to login to your account. In this article you will know how to turn on the two-step verification for your Telegram account.

You all know that we need a username and password to log into any online service account. It is same with Telegram also. People usually use a strong password for their social accounts. Still sometimes the usernames and passwords can be intruded in database hacks. In such case you have to take some major steps for security purpose.

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Secure your Telegram account with two-step verification

Enabling two-step verification is a good security policy for any app you use. This helps the app detect that your log in is authentic and untampered. This feature will ask you to insert your password every time you log in from any new device. Apart from your username and password the app will ask you for another password to complete the login process.

So, in case somebody manages to hack your password still they won’t be able to login unless they know the other password. To add this extra layer of security to your Telegram account follow these simple steps.

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Telegram Two-Step verification feature

To turn on two-step verification for your Telegram account first of all open your Telegram. Then tap on the sandwich menu (three horizontal line icon) in the app. This icon is available at the top left corner of your display. Then tap on ‘Settings’ option from the menu and select ‘Privacy and Security’.

Then tap on the ‘Two – Step verification’ from security section. After this tap ‘Set additional Password’ and set a new password. If you have anyhow forgotten that password you can create a hint. Thereafter enter a Recovery Email ID. The app will send a code in that email. At last enter the received code and complete the setup process.

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After you complete this whole process whenever you start Telegram the app will ask you to enter the new password. This will make sure that if by any chance your phone is lost or reaches an unauthenticated hands the person won’t be able to access your Telegram messages.

Thus your already encrypted messages are secured even the person manages to open the app. Hope you find this article helpful to know how to turn on your two-step verification. With these simple steps you can take your Telegram account to next level of security. For more tech news and all latest information’s stay tuned with us.

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