How to survive to the last in PUBG Mobile
How to survive to the last in PUBG Mobile

Friends push is a big game in the world. Very good game. A lot of people use it and a lot of people play it. Because there is an online game. Inside this game you want. If you play alone, you can play alone and if you want to play with your friends then you can also play with a friend. Many games came and went, but this game became so famous as no game. To play this game first you will have to learn, if you do not learn, you will die early. Will not be able to survive till the last. So today I will tell you about how you can survive till the last in pubg? How to survive to the last in PUBG Mobile?

Choose carefully.

A pubg game lasts at least 45 minutes. If something goes wrong, it all ends in seconds. One way to get out early is to misjudge the landing spot on yourself. You want to aim for the best loots sports in sports While avoiding as many other players as possible. Once you are out of the airplane then a bunch of other players going to the same place Keep an eye out for And avoid areas like plague.

As you get off the airplane, open your parachute at the same time, it will run your time more quickly. Just be aware that every second you spend in the sky is 1 second that will be used to tempt your opponents.


Loot the first shoot.

If you die in the first, there is no second chance. If you play alone then you will not get any other chance. If you play with the team then you can get a chance. Once you hit the floor, your first priority is rising so that you are caught in an initial confrontation. You will find important Loots scattered around in buildings and supply crate drops. The latter consists of the most in-demand Weapons such as the highly powerful AWM Sniper Rifle but remember that you won’t be the only one hoping to catch Loots.

Only shoot.

This is the last rookie error and it will kill you more than anything else in PUBG Mobile. It is a difficult balancing act to hide and when to attack, but you should never open fire unless you know your Weapons have a chance to hit the target. Knowing when you are in range will do some practice for a complete newcomer. If you are shooting at another enemy. Otherwise, a very strong gun is giving to your position what you are doing. Which is a fatal mistake?

Keep an eye on the map.

It will take some proper games to learn the layout of some areas of the PUBG Map, let alone the whole thing. While you are using in the landscape, make sure that you are paying attention to the Mini Map and keep an eye on the low play area. The only safe area in PUBG is located within the “circle”. This circle will start happening at select times during the match and if you find yourself out for too long, you will eventually die. The damage you take in this electrified blue area as a circle will increase. In the initial days, you will be fine for a few minutes, while in the last phase you will not be more than 10 Second. And stay as much as you can in the cover so that no one can kill you.

And pass the time inside the house as much as you can. If you stay at home, then you can survive till the last. And always keep this thing in mind that you should not go to rob the drop because if you go to rob the drop then there will be many people who will kill you. Therefore, take care of this thing as well.

So I told you that you can survive to the last with this step, if you follow my step, you can easily survive to the last. How to survive to the last in PUBG Mobile?

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