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How To Start A Mobile Phone Repairing Business Shop In India?


With mobiles entering the market, they were appreciated and accepted. However, for every issue that was faced, there weren’t better repairs but more and more replacements, but now, people instead get their smartphones repaired and not replaced. They feel a responsibility, or you can say the rising prices of these smartphones make them feel the responsibility; after all, the price of repairing would always be lower than the price of buying a new phone.

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So, if you are a person who’s been looking for finding a way to start a mobile phone repairing business shop in India, now is the time to begin. Just give this article a read and find the necessary information on how you can take a step ahead.


Starting Mobile Phone Repairing Business Shop in India- Steps 

  1. Business Plan

For fixing the smartphones, you will be required to be well-versed in the phone repair procedures. You would also need to know all there’s about the device’s internals; for that, you should formulate a business plan that can involve the constant learning of the mobile devices.

Now, it’s difficult for running a business without a proper plan and management, and therefore one must consider- business structure, detailed market research, management and the executives, breakdown of the services and products, the financial documents, sales strategy, the unique selling point, and the business model.

  1. Analyzing Competition

The smartphone repair technicians, many of them have started their repair shops. However, with the smartphones growing number, so are the requirements for the software and accessories for the mobile phones increasing.

As a result of it, there is a need for being concerned about competition when planning to begin a firm that can repair the smartphone. To cope with it, you can get the ISO certification, Trademark Registration, and MSME Registration for gaining the advantage over the competitors.

  1. Choosing Location, Company Formation, and Company Name

Location, it’s the must-have feature for the store. Further shops must remain conveniently accessible to the commercial and the residential clientele. So, to have the ideal business location will be the residential location or suburban, wherein you can get the new clients from the friends and relatives of the current customers; after all, providing excellent customer service, its an amazing way for building the loyal following.

Once the above is done, there will be a requirement to register the business with the MCA, and for the company formation, one will be required to choose between LLP Registration and the Private Limited Company Registration.

Further, it is also required to have a unique and the creative business name or the company name. You can even choose to have some unique logo design for making the brand and the store quite eye-catching.

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  1. Applying for the Mandatory Registration 

The phone repair businesses in India are required to have the relevant permits and the licenses before beginning the phone repairing business. So, one must get a certificate and the license through the local municipal authorities, tehsils, or local municipal authorities for establishing the own company in every single city and the state in India. Certain other licenses and the registration are GST registration and the Shop Establishment Registration.

  1. Gathering the Raw Materials

When starting a Mobile Phone repair business, to have the replacement parts on the hand is quite critical as it will help in providing the speedy service if the spares are available readily. Further, if planning to expand the business quickly, there is a requirement to find a spare supplier in the region and then stock up long-term.

You would also need to have the tools that will be required to operate on the mobile phones. So, you can even plan on having the business loan for funding the business and to get all of the necessary tools and the materials that are required for kickstarting the business.

  1. Marketing the Business Online

Nowadays, having an online business presence is a bliss.

With the younger generation utilizing Google for discovering the phone repairing shops, the business development, it becomes quite important. Further, it’s important to remain active on the social media, as it helps with new products announcement and to engage within the potential buyers. Remember, investing in the marketing from start, its regarded to be a necessity of today, and it must be treated the same.

Apart from the above, when planning to begin the mobile repairing business online, you can even,

  • Learn and then get certified.
  • Work and gain the needed experience before planning for a business.
  • Get the estimate of the capital beforehand and plan how to take steps ahead.
  • As for the rest, follow the above-mentioned steps ahead and never forget to get the mandatory registrations.
  • You can even employ an expert technician if you do not wish to work independently or want to share the responsibilities. Either way, the motive is to do best and to let go of the rest.

Remember that, in the initial stages, the business might not bring in profits, but you cannot achieve the success overnight. It will take extra hard work for seeing the desired results.

Mobile Repairing Business Shops- Other Services

Apart from offering the mobile repairing services through the stores, you can get even,

  • Sell the mobile accessories
  • Offer the SIM cards and the mobile recharges
  • Sell new mobile phones
  • Sell 2nd hand or used or refurbished phones
  • Offer downloading facilities, etc.

To offer the above-mentioned services, in addition, would be a part of the considerable increase in revenue and sales. It would ensure the people to pass by the shop and have there a chance to stop for more than one reason.

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Final Words

If the business would be managed accurately, the mobile phone repair businesses would be a profitable one. It will help to earn a lot of money. But then again, it is quite important to offer the better quality for the spare parts and the services for turning the same into a reputable venture. For improving further and to bring in changes, you can even begin to take the feedback of the customers.

It will all help to know how are the customers feeling about the services and the products and whether or not they are getting the needed services. In this way, one will be able to make the plans as per the improvements which will be needed and with a little extra discount offered or the gifts provided on some occasions, you can have a better range of customers.

So, with the above plan, take a step ahead and begin your business today. If you have further questions, or if you wish to add anything we missed on, as part of the basic information provided, go ahead and use the comment section. Let us know about it, and we will add up the same. If not, why delay the process?




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