How to Recover WhatsApp Delete Message
How to Recover WhatsApp Delete Message

WhatsApp is the most popular messing app in the world. And almost all Android users use WhatsApp, and you must also use WhatsApp. Many times it happens that you accidentally delete a WhatsApp message and you want to recover it. So in this article, we will tell you about one such WhatsApp secret trick with the help of which you can recover WhatsApp deleted message.

If you want to recover 7 days old messages, simply uninstall WhatsApp on your phone and install it again. After installing, verify by entering your phone number. Now the option to restore will come in front of you, click it. After this, you can easily recover the WhatsApp deleted message.

If you want to backup WhatsApp deleted message older than 7 days, then follow the steps given below.


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How to Recover WhatsApp old Message?

Step1. First, go to the file manager >> Internal memory >> Open the WhatsApp folder.

Step2. After opening the WhatsApp folder, go to the database folder.

Step3. Now rename any message you want to recover, and add backup in the last, and save it.

Step4. After saving the file, go to the settings of your phone, and go to the application manager and clean the data of WhatsApp.

Step5. After clean data, open WhatsApp and verify it with your phone number. After this, click on the restore option. Now you can recover WhatsApp old message.

I hope you know how to recover WhatsApp deleted chat, and how to backup WhatsApp deleted messages.

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