How To Internet chatting -

Friends, today I am going to tell you about some such applications. Which benefits you a lot.How To Internet chatting.

How To Internet chatting.

Friends, I will give you full information about internet chatting today Friends, if you want to go about the internet, then you came to the right place, today I will tell you about it.

Chatting is the process of communicating with each other through the Internet. In this, two or more users can simultaneously talk to each other through the internet as text, sound or video. Current chatting is not only through text, but Video Chat is also possible with Voice Chat. It is also called International Relay Chat.


Internet Relay Chat.

(IRC), is a system that provides the facility to transfer messages through text. (IRC) ,is based on the client-server model of networking in which (IRC), acts as a client program. These clients are able to transfer messages to other clients. Client software is present with all operating systems, which provide internet access. Many, (IRC) servers in the Ithe RC network are connected to each other through the internet.

Text chat.

This is the most popular and old, fashioned medium of chat, through which a user can send and receive any information in writing to another user. Like, Message is a Text Chat.

Voice chat.

This is the modern form of Chat, in which two users are connected to each other through sound. A speaker is required to receive sound and a microphone is used to talk. If the internet speed is low, then the noise stops intermittently. In this, the talking fee does not depend on the time but on the amount of data transfer.

Video chat.

Face to face chat on the Internet is called Video Chat, which requires Web Came and related software. It is also called video conferencing.

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