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How To Fix An Unstable Wi-fi Connection?


An unstable internet connection, it is, for every user of the internet, a bane, especially if they are in the middle of something important like a client meeting or watching that favorite match (live) of theirs, which they do not even wish to miss a second of. If you have been facing such an issue, do not feel out,

as there are many more just like you who are out there cursing the internet/Wi-Fi and looking for finding the stability within their unstable connections. Keep reading ahead to know how you can fix your unstable Wi-Fi connection and speed up the performance or at least bring it back to its normal pace.

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Why is the Internet/Wi-Fi Connection Unstable?

There isn’t a straight answer to it. The internet connection, it is achieved with the hardware and software system that we do not think of rarely, especially when it’s all working smoothly. However, when there comes a problem or an unstable connection, it is then we realize what is what and what could have gone wrong. So, if you are one such person with an unexpected Wi-Fi failure or unstable connection, and want to achieve a stable connection, begin by diagnosing the issue.

In general, some common reasons for the unstable connection/internet connection are discussed below.

  1. Malfunctioning of the Router

The router forms the wireless connection and helps in connecting devices to the internet. If it doesn’t work properly, it’s because the internet is either unstable or blocked. Now, there are some possible reasons for the internet instability on the devices. It can be faulty connections, faulty hardware, weak signals, software issues, or the radio interference. In these cases, it is the equipment that needs the attention, and the issue as such can be easily solved locally.

  1. Channel Overload

At times, the internet connection is quite unstable as there exists way too much traffic on the channel. In case if there are many people in an area who remain connected with the same channel, it leads to instability and congestion, and this is one common issue that most of the people working from home face.

Apart from the above, when the internet connection shows that it’s temporarily slow, it is mostly because you recently started any large file download or have put the device on the update, and as soon as the same finishes up, the speed of the internet would go back to the normal.

  1. Configuration of Device

If one is assessing the internet on many devices, ensure that the same is configured properly. Each and every device must have its unique IP address and must remain on a similar network. Further, as part of the power management policies, there are some of the devices that turn some services off for prolonging the battery life, and this is common on almost all phones. So, if you are experiencing any unstable connection when you haven’t used the device for a while, chances are that it’s because of the power management settings, which can be turned off, in specific if you are not able to charge the device, at the time you want.

  1. Presence of Malicious Software

If you still haven’t found the reasons for why your internet isn’t working, it might be due to the malicious software that can cause the internet issues either by,

  • Damaging critical system parts that remain responsible for proper connectivity or
  • Tricking the user into thinking that the internet is not stable and that to have a better connection, one needs to download the other malware as the cure. However, in actuality, this is just a way to corrupt the device. So, it is better to run the virus scan and be secured.

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  1. Wireless Overlaps

When 2 or more of the routers transmit within the same channel, they slow one another and cause the instability within the connection. This issue gets magnified within the dense living spaces. Even the modern wireless tech that can break every single band in the channels, they aren’t able to cope with such interferences. So, the question is- how can the unstable internet connection be fixed? To find out, continue reading.

Fixing Unstable Internet Connection- How to do it?

Knowing the reasons for the unstable connections, it is time to fix them. It can be done through either of the below-mentioned methods.

  1. Resetting Router

To reconnect the router at times can help to recover the unstable connection. So, just unplug the router from the power source, wait for around 30 seconds, and then plug it back in. Now, try to access the internet.

  1. Contact ISP 

Do this to see if the issue is from the end of the ISP.

There is one entire chain that makes the internet connection to happen. So, it might be possible that it is the internet provider end that’s creating the turbulence in your connection. This is why it is suggested to go for a reliable internet provider or just connect with the current one. It will help you to fix the issue completely.

  1. Software Updates

Update the software and make sure that all the devices you use are up-to-date. It will help fix bugs and enhance the internet connection improvement.

  1. Updating Network Card Drivers

If you use the laptop, it might be possible that the network card driver needs an update. In order to manage this, visit the manufacturer’s website, download the latest drivers for the device, and install it. Now, access the internet again.

  1. Others

Some other ways to fix the unstable Wi-Fi are,

  • Finding a suitable place for the router.
  • Placing router away from furniture/objects.
  • Keeping router in house’s central position.

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Final Words

The instability within the internet connection, it can be quite frustrating and cause a lot of trouble. So, if you are one who is experiencing such issues with the connection, one best thing to try here is to use the suggestion as discussed above.

Hopefully, it will help to sort out the issue and provide you with the stable connectivity. But if the problem still continues, connect with the ISP and find out more. If there is any other way that works best for you, use the comment section to let us know. We would love to share it with our readers.




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