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How to Earn Money From Telegram?


I am going to talk today guys. Regarding the telegram about which you people must have heard and there are many people who also use it. Telegram uses a lot of people in a very famous platform and also earn money from Telegram. If you also want to know. How to earn money from Telegram, then I will tell you how you can earn money from Telegram right from home.

Because there are many people who do not know how to make money from telegram, then this article is for them only today. So, you should read this article carefully and go for the whole last because inside this article, I will tell in full detail about the telegram, how you can earn money sitting at home from the telegram. If you want to go, let’s start.

How to earn money from Telegram?

Earn money from donations.

If you are a content creator. The same you do the content creator for free, so you can monetize the container. That too through subscriptions or donations by setting ADS. In this model, you allow your followers either through each of your publications to provide you with a tip or through Patreon to set up several recurring donations. So you can make money from it also.


Earn money from Paid Post.

This is the same as selling ads, but in these cases, almost 100% is your post paid. A good example is that such a job board exits the job board below. To post a job in the form of a telegram channel that allows you to pay a fix free. And in the beginning, job boards keep taking content from other websites and posting it on their channels so that they can group their audiences. Later the paid post gets an offer.

Sell the Third Party.

The Cell third party is very much similar. Same as the earlier model but in this case you sell third party products or services. This is where it monitors. Online sneaker shop that can be automated and if the price of sneakers comes down significantly then in such a situation, they publish a post. The product on his channel in which he uses an affiliate link. So you can also earn money with your help.

Earn money with Recharge Apps.

In this way, you will find many apps in the play store, from which you can easily earn money. Then in that case he gives you some referral money. And you can earn free recharge with its help. At the same time, you can also transfer it to your bank account from Paytm. Otherwise, you can also use it for free recharge. So you can make money like this too?

Earn money from Link Shortener Service.

For example, if you are publishing a post in which gender is present, then you can also shorten those links through gender shortner and publish them in your Telegram channel. It will be that when someone clicks on that link, you have to go through the ad in it. In fact, this channel owner also gets a lot of money from publishers with the content.

So now you can easily make money with all this stuff. I am sitting at home, which I have told you with a very easy method, how can you earn money from Telegram, I hope. If you have understood it, then you can also share it with your friend.

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