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How to Check Gas Subsidy Online All Detail?


How to Check Gas Subsidy.

Most of you will have an LPG gas connection in your home. In such a situation, many people will also be taking advantage of the subsidy. Although the subsidy money goes to your respective bank account on its own. Many times the money does not reach the bank account by mistake of the bank. So now the question is, how to find out whether the gas subsidy money is coming into the account or not. Let’s know.

Under the subsidy scheme, customers get LPG cylinders at a fixed price. And then some amount is returned to the bank account as a subsidy. So let us tell you a way with which you can check from home by phone whether subsidy money is coming to your account.


How to Check Gas Subsidy Online?

To check online subsidy status, first of all, you need to click on the link given below and as soon as you click on that link, A website will open in front of you. The names of gas companies will be found on this website. Click on the name of the gas company you have a connection with.

  • A new page will open, in which you go to the option with online feedback.
  • After this, a page of the customer service system will open, in which you will have to fill the details (mobile number and LPG ID).
  • After filling all the details, you will get complete information about the LPG subsidy easily.


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