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How to Record Screen on Mac with Audio: A Complete Guide for 2024


If you use a Mac but are not about to record a screen with audio, you can miss out on many small details. For instance, if you are taking online classes via MAC but can screen-record video only, it will be difficult to decipher later.

If you don’t know how to Record Screen on Mac with Audio, we will cover it in our quick guide. Next time you are screen recording on MAC, you will get a complete screen recording with audio.

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Record Screen with Audio on MAC

There are two easy and quick ways to record screens with audio in MAC. One is to use the QuickTime tool, and the other one is to record it via the screenshot toolbar.

In both these options, you will need to start recording the screen and update the default mic setting to MacBook Microphone.

Using Screenshot Toolbar

If you use MacBook Mojave Or others, you can use Apple’s built-in functionality to record screens or capture screenshots via its toolbar. You can do this with a single button click will make it a super easy process.

Additionally, it offers some customization, such as recording only a single screen or an entire screen.

You can also capture a particular screen area. Use the below steps to start screen recording with audio on a MacBook:

  1. Press the keyword shortcut command + shift + 5 to open the keyboard window, and you will find many controls to select from the prompt.
  2. You will now find an option to either Record the entire screen or Record a Selected Portion. However, still, it won’t start recording audio on your device.
  3. Tap Options and select MacBook Air Microphone or other inbuilt device microphone instead of the default option None.
  4. Now, if you click the Record button, MacBook will record your screen along with audio.
  5. If you wish to end recording, tap the keyboard shortcuts Command + Shift + ESC.

Alternatively, you can again open the screenshot shortcut and stop recording manually from there.

Using QuickTime

If you are not able to record audio in screen recording via the Mac’s built-in function, you can use its native app, QuickTime player.

It will help you record the screen with video, images, graphics, and audio. When it comes to your device preinstalled, you can use it as a convenient way to record the screen with audio on a Mac.

  1. Go to Mac Finder and search for QuickTime.
  2. On the app, click File and go to New Screen Recording.
  3. Depending on your Mac version, you can find a record option straightaway. Click that to start recording.
  4. Tap the arrow button at the side of the record button and select the internal microphone. You will also find an option to turn on mouse click visibility in your recording.
  5. If you wish to record the entire screen, tap the Record button. For recording a specific portion of the screen drag and select the area you wish to record and then tap the Record button.
  6. If you wish to stop the recording, press Command + Shift + Esc. Alternatively, you can also press the Stop button.

After recording the screen, you can open the recording video and edit or play it automatically.

Wind Up

You don’t need to learn any rocket science if you want to Record Screen on Mac with Audio.

Next time you are attending an online lecture and wish to record it, you can either use the built-in recording menu or the QuickTime app to record the screen on Mac with audio.

In addition to this, using both the above ways, you can take screenshots on a Mac.



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