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Hidden Android Settings one of the best applications.


Hidden Android Settings one of the best applications.

The app is created to benefit exclusively Android users who want to explore android.

Friends, today we have to tell you. About a very best application, which is a very amazing downloading this app on your phone. you will get to see very good features, you can use it very easily.

Android hidden settings app is a one-stop solution to explore all your phone’s hidden settings and to know your phone info. Android hidden settings give users access to shortcuts and some hidden features on your phone.


The phone info part of the app enables you to know about Manufacturer details, temperature sensors real-time data with its build details. Android hidden settings show logcat which will be very useful for the android app developers.

Hidden Android Settings -

How to use the app,

This app allows you to open certain android settings, which some phone vendors hide from the user.

Please use this app with caution, and only change settings that you understand.

Different apps need different configurations and settings. This app helps you to switch to a different set of settings for each of your apps individually. It includes volume, orientation, network conditions, Bluetooth connection, screen brightness, keeps the screen awake, etc.

NOTE – This helps you to save time and battery because you do not need to switch off system functions manually. You can reduce the brightness of the screen when it is needed, and turn it off again in the default profile. It makes sure you do not forget to turn some power unfriendly features,

You can configure your app, behavior by adjusting the profile in this app. For example, when you are reading the news and watching the video, you might want to adjust to a specify orientation and keep the screen awake.

How to download the app?

If you want to download this application without losing time, then the link is. You can download this application by clicking there.



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