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New features have been added to Google’s Vertex controlled AI service


Google has announced the debut of Vertex AI, a managed AI platform which is aimed to help businesses install AI models more quickly, almost a year ago. The cloud division of Google LLC has announced a number of enhancements to its Vertex AI platform that would help businesses develop artificial intelligence applications more quickly.

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After than before AI training

Now, Google Vertex AI Service has a feature called Reduction Server, which is the first important contribution. It promises to cut the time that takes to train neural networks, which is now in preview. A neural network can’t start generating insights just right now after it’s been created since it needs to practice first, which is known as AI training.


The process of training a neural network can take a long time period. Companies frequently train AI models utilizing an entire fleet of machines rather than a single server to speed up the process, allowing them to conduct a huge number of practice runs.

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Google’s Vertex AI Service new feature Reduction Server functionality for Vertex AI is based on a all-reduce algorithm that the search giant built. The algorithm, according to Google, is more efficient than existing technology. It minimizes the amount of data that must travel between AI training servers while processing is performed by freeing up bandwidth and allowing for more effective latency optimization.

AI development streamline

It takes more than just training a neural network to create AI software. Developers should also collect data to train the neural network, filter data mistakes, and conduct a variety of additional activities. To automate variety of phases required in AI development, machine learning teams use software routines which are also known as pipelines.

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A collection of pre-packaged pipelines for developing neural networks has also been added to Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform. The pipelines are accessible through a new tool called Vertex AI Tabular Workflows, currently that is in preview.

Vertex AI Tabular Workflows can also used to create neural networks that process tabular data, which is data that is structured in rows and columns. Rows and columns can significantly store company’s business data in percent. Usually, a data in percentage is tabulated.

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Integrations and Explainability

At today’s Applied ML Summit, Google also revealed a number of new capabilities for its Vertex AI platform. Example-based Explanations, a new feature, will make it very easy to analyze and diagnose a neural network that are producing errors in results. Google is also releasing new integrations with Neo4j and Label box.

Neo4j is a popular graph database created by the same firm. Graph databases are designed to hold not only items like sales logs. But also information about how those records are connected. Vertex AI users will be able to interact with Neo4j data more simply because to the new integration revealed by Google today.

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Label box Inc., a San Francisco-based firm with over $188 million in investment, also announced a relationship with Google on 9th June 2022. It has tools to make the process of producing AI training datasets vey easy. Vertex AI users will be able to use Label box’s tools to prepare training data for their machine learning projects more easily, all thanks to a new Google interface.

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