friend Mobile Number
friend Mobile Number

Friend Mobile Number is friend calling prank application.

Hello friends, my friend Mobile Number is a friend-calling prank application is my first app that will let you play a prank with friends of real WhatsApp numbers. you can tell your friends you have a girlfriend who chats with you and you found your girlfriend online. you can send a message to our given number and you will get a replay from our bot! enjoy pranking with your friends and be a super cool dude with lots of real friends’ mobile phone numbers.

you can also get any bhabhi numbers from your area or another country also, we are slowly adding new features in the app soon and you will be able to chat with real girls in the future but right now it is a prank app.

How to use:

  • Open the app and you will find a list of Indian friends.
  • Choose your favorite friend or what you like from the list.
  • Click on it and it will show her details like her name, age, interest, and also her phone number.
  • Click on get my number button and you will get the number. Copy that number and create a new contact on your mobile phone.
  • Then refresh the contact list of WhatsApp you will find that number in the WhatsApp contact list.
  • Start chatting with that girl by sending a message.


All the numbers given in the app is only for prank and not real numbers of any live person on the earth. we are handling that numbers and we do not provide any friendship or dating services in this app. it is just a prank app. enjoy!


We developed this application only for entertainment purposes and frank to your friends, relatives and girlfriend and some others like this. We collected all number in the public free domain we don’t claim to all information are right. If you have any queries about this application, contact us without any hesitation.

I hope you enjoy reading this post. If you have any questions related to this post, then comment below. And share this post on all social media.


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