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StreamKar Live online chat with stranger friends without login. It’s free, fun & anonymous.

Online Dating with Friends:

Stranger Chat’s ultimate motive is to provide all its users with a platform where they can chat with strangers at random worldwide based on their preferences. With the high demand for online dating and online chatting rooms, our app ensures each user gets to view the profiles of other thousands of users and the option to start chatting with them in a secure environment.

Online meeting new friends:

To meet new single friends from our free dating services is pretty much easier than the real-world scenario, where people take months to reach that level of comfort where they can ask someone for a date.


With our online chatting app, people get to make their preferences with simple swipes and start a chat with hot friends of their choice. The user also gets to view the marital status of a user whether they are single, married or divorced. Users get to send gifts and chat for free with strangers when someone they feel they can connect to.

How to chatting with your friends?

No matter, if you are a girl or a boy and you are too shy to talk with unknown people in public places, then this anonymous chat app is for you. Here you get to chat in virtual chat rooms with people you like and want to talk with them.

Random chats with strangers can make anyone’s life happier and joyful, there will be pretty high chances to find near friends in the neighborhood and make it a real date from an online free chat app. Getting into new relationships like making a new girlfriend or boyfriend is really easy with this app.

How to make friends on social networks?

Making new friends on social networks is not that easy, but with our free chatting app you get the option to view thousands of profiles active worldwide.If you are getting bored or feeling lonely and want to share your thoughts or real-life experiences with someone, then do give this random chat app a try and chat with people online.

People want to chat for free with strangers and our free chat app ensures that you don’t have to pay anything from your pocket to have a conversation with anyone.

Main Features:-

  • Match and Chat with new people.
  • The best place to find your next date.
  • user-friendly interface.
  • Swipe animation
  • Chat with strangers anonymously.
  • Support for Hindi and English Language.
  • One-time signup and log-in.
  • NO registration cost is required.
  • Online free chat rooms where you don’t have to make any in-app purchases.

It’s very simple to use the app:-

Start a conversation in private chat rooms with women and men by swiping left or right.
Stranger Chat will deliver everything you want from a free dating app where you can chat anonymously with strangers worldwide. If you have no one to talk to and are lonely, then install this free stranger chat app on your Android device, enter your details, and get into the world where you will find tons of people with mutual interests to start a live chat in our active community.

Disclaimer- This app is only for Educational Purposes, do not misuse this app. And there is no such thing mentioned in this post through which any other person will get hurt.



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