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Find your Instagram’s first liked picture – Know How


Instagram is a popular photo, video-sharing, and live-streaming platform across the globe. Since it was introduced in 2010, the platform has evolved into a strong messaging system and today competes with Tik Tok in reels.

This trending app has billions of users worldwide. At times you might wonder what was the first picture you liked on Instagram. In this article, you will know how you can find your Instagram’s first liked picture in a few simple steps.

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Finding the first liked picture on Instagram

To find the first picture you liked on Instagram the first step go to your profile page. For this, you have to click on your display picture available at the bottom right corner. After this tap on the three-line button visible at the top right corner of your screen. This will open up a menu showing different options like settings, your activity, Archive, Insights, QR code, and several others.

In the second step select the “your activity” (small timer icon) option from the displayed menu. This option is listed in the second row just below the settings. This will open an Activity page with the “one place to manage your activity” headline.

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This page will display different options to check the time spent on Instagram, a list of your posted photos, videos, and reels on the app, your interactions with others, searches, and a recently deleted list.

In the third step tap on the “Interaction” option from the ‘your activity tab. This will show a list of all your likes, comments, and story reply in one place. From this menu click on the ‘Likes’ option. Here you can see all the photos, videos, and reels you have liked to date.

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Next click on the top right side of your displayed picture menu written: “Sort by oldest to newest”. After this tap “Apply”. Here you can see the first picture you liked on Instagram.

See the First Comments or story reply

In the same way, you can check your first comment or story reply too by selecting the ‘Comments’ option or ‘Story replies’ option from the same interaction section.

Hope these simple steps will help you to know how you can find your Instagram‘s first liked picture. To get all the latest tech news and new updates stay tuned with us.

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