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If you use Facebook, then you must definitely know about these Facebook’s 5 Best Features.

Today, more than a billion people use Facebook every day. This is the app on which you spend the most time. Whether the consumer is searching for news or trying to keep in touch with friends, he always logs on to Facebook. By now you have only heard about status updates and photo comments etc. on Facebook, but next, we are giving you information about some such things that you might be stunned to know Facebook’s

Facebook’s 5 Best Features You Might Not Know.

If you want to know about these Facebook’s 5 best features, then follow the steps given below.

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Hide others’ feeds

1. Hide others‘ feeds.

If you are upset with a friend’s post and do not want to unfriend him, then you can hide his post. Hiding the post will not make your post visible on your Facebook and it will also remain in your Facebook friend. To hide the post, first, you need to go to that friend’s Facebook page. Here you will get the option of following up, if you click it, then the options will come open. From there you unfollow.

But with this, you will not get to see his photo and he will also be your friend.


2. Login alerts.

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Login alerts

If you want someone to log in to your Facebook account, then you get the information. In this case, you can enable the login alerts’ feature. This feature is given inside Security in the Facebook setting. If you want, you can take notifications on the phone or you can also receive it on email. Mobile and email notifications have been given an option within the login alerts.

3. Unfollow friend. Facebook’s 5 Best Features

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Unfollow friend

If you do not want to see any user’s post in your news feed, then you do not need to unfriend him. Instead, you go to the user’s profile and tap on the follow option and click the unfollow option at the bottom. After that, you will never see the posts of that user in your news feed.

4. Auto-playing video.

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Auto-playing video.

When you open Facebook, there are some videos with photos on Facebook Home. These videos are auto-play. That is, you do not have to press the play button to play them. Videos play without sound on Facebook. If you want, you can make a sound. Facebook’s auto-play video feature is good but not necessarily liked by everyone. In such a situation, you can take this feature off.

To turn off auto video play, you have to go to the settings of the phone. A video option will appear below there. Clicking it will bring up the video settings. At the same time, there will be an option of auto-play video, off it.

5. Where did the account login?

Where did the account login - technewztop.com
Where did the account login

On Facebook, you can see where it has been logged from. Where are you given the option to log in to Facebook? From here you can log out all other sessions besides viewing the login activity of Facebook. You will get the option of Where are you logged in? From here it can be seen at what time you have logged into your Facebook account on a PC. If you wish, you can also do an end-all activity from here. In such a case, open Facebook will be logged out on all other PCs or mobiles.

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