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Connect your Chromebook to the TV set in three ways – Know-how


Chromebooks are usually known to come with small and unpleasant screens. Although these low-end machines can do many things right when it comes to watching movies or doing some game streaming they are quite displeasing.

So to enjoy watching a good movie or playing a good game on the big screen you can connect your Chromebook to a TV set. Here you will know how you can do so in three easy ways. These connections can be made both ways – wired and wirelessly.

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Know how to connect Chromebook to TV using HDMI

The first way you can connect your Chromebook to a TV is by using an HDMI with absolutely low latency. This is a wired connection and the best way for connecting Chromebook to your TV. For this, your Chromebook needs to have an HDMI port. If it doesn’t you either need to have USB – C to HDMI cable or USB-C hub that already has an HDMI port. However, most of the recent Chromebooks come with her USB type – C port.

Connect one end of the HDMI Cable to the HDMI port of the TV. Plug the other end into your Chromebook. Then go to the ‘Input’ source option of your TV and choose the correct HDMI channel. Then move to your Chromebook and open the App launcher. After this, search for display and click on ‘Display – Device’.

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Here you can see your TV as an external display for your Chromebook. Tap on it, select its placement, and enable the ‘Mirror Built-in Display’ option. Now your Chromebook is connected to your TV. To disconnect, simply remove the HDMI Cable from both ends.

How to connect Chromebook to Android TV Wirelessly

The second is a wireless way to connect Chromebook to a TV. For this, your TV should be an Android TV. It is helpful when you don’t have a compatible cable on hand. Check that both the Chromebook and TV are on the same Wi-Fi network. Chromebooks come with in-built support for Chromecast streaming so you don’t need any extra setup for Casting.

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On your, Chromebook opens the quick settings panel. Here you will get the ‘cast’ option. Click on it. If the option is not visible just check if the Android TV is turned on and both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

If both conditions are met, your Chromebook automatically detects the Android TV once you hit the cast option. Then click on the TV’s name and your Chromebook will be connected to the TV. To disconnect simply go to the quick settings panel and tap on the ‘Stop’ option.

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How to connect Chromebook Browser to TV wirelessly

In the previously mentioned process, your Chromebook’s whole screen gets mirrored to your TV. Instead of mirroring the whole screen, you can also choose to see only the browser you are using on your TV. With this third way, you can connect the Chromebook browser to a TV wirelessly with the built-in Chromecast functionality.

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For this first of all turn on your TV to which you want to connect your Chromebook. Then open the Chrome browser. Connect both devices with the same Wi-Fi network. Then tap on the three-dot menu on the top-right corner of your page. A drop-down menu opens up. From this menu tap on the ‘cast’ option.

An auto-populated list will show up. From here select your TV’s name and your Chrome browser will get connected to your TV. To disconnect go to Chrome browser’s toolbar and again click on the ‘cast’ tab. ‘Family Room TV’ and ‘Stop Casting’ options will show up. Tap on stop casting and you will get disconnected.

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