Clone App
Clone App

Clone App – App Cloner & Secure VPN.

You must want to use the private and secure VPN to visit some foreign websites etc. If you want to use the dual app & accounts and parallel space on your phone. Also, you are looking for such a feature then today I am explaining to you about such app which allows you to use these feature.

Clone App is that app that allows you to use the dual app&accoount, private and secure VPN, etc. This is one of the best apps to use on your phone. Also, it has so many features except these features.


Features of Clone App.

  • Private&Free VPN: With the help of this app you can use the private and free VPN on your phone. You can use the VPN of this app to visit any foreign websites.
  • WhatsApp Clone: You can use the multiple account operation for WhatsApp on a single phone.
  • Colorful Mode: you only use the two theme or color mode of any app like dark mode or white mode. But this app has Dark Mode, Blue Mode, Gold Mode, Night Mode, Cyan Mode theme, etc.
  • Privacy Icon: You can easily change or customize the icon and name of the popular apps on your phone. It helps you to protect or secure your privacy.
  • Magic Stickers: It has three magical emoticons Love, Nothing to do, and Flying Tomato. They help you to interact with your friends.
  • Float Stickers: You must be sending the sticker to your friends during the chatting. But when you send this float sticker to express your expression to your friends then it will be very cool and unique.
  • Ads Free: When you use the other apps then it will show the ads on that app and it interrupts your work. But this app never interrupts your work because it is ads-free.
  • Support for 32 and 64-bit apps: It will support for both 32 and 64-bit. It has independent core technology that helps to support perfectly.

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