Deleting Apps on Chromebook
Deleting Apps on Chromebook

We all need passwords to sign into any device or website. It is a good security measure to keep changing passwords from time to time. In this article, you will know how you can change your password on a Chromebook. Before you get started you must know that Chromebook and Google passwords are the same.

So, changing your Chromebook password means changing your Google password. Chromebook lets you change passwords also from any other device that has been logged into your Google account. You can simply set up a PIN to sign in effortlessly. Know the details of how to change your Chromebook password below.

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How to change the password on Chromebook

To change the password on the Chromebook first of all open Chrome. Then tap on your profile picture located in the upper right corner of the page. From there select ‘Manage your Google Account’. Then go to the left sidebar and click on ‘Security’. Next, scroll down to the ‘Signing in to Google section.

Then go to the right pane and click on ‘Password’. A new page will open up. On this page enter your current Google account password. Then tap ‘Next’. Then verify your account by entering your two-factor authentication code. Lastly, set a new password. Confirm it and then hit ‘Change Password’. And your password on your Chromebook will be changed.

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Note that as the Chromebook password and Google password are the same, changing the Chromebook password will automatically change your Google account password too. So, after this process whenever you use any other Google services, you will have to use the newly set password in order to log into your account.

It is advised to set a strong password with a combination of characters and numbers for the best security measures. However, you can also take the help of ‘Password Manager’.

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How to reset Chromebook password on other Devices

To change your Chromebook password from any other device, change your Google password and connect your Chromebook to the internet. So, your new password will be synced and you can log into your Chromebook. Here is how you can do it in a few simple steps:-

First of all, open the web browser on any other device and go to ‘’. Then sign into your Google account. Under the ‘Singing into Google’ section you will see the ‘Password’ option. Click on that.

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Your Google account will ask you to enter your password to verify your identity. Then follow the above-mentioned steps. When you connect your Chromebook to the internet from the lock screen and enter the new password, you can easily log in.

How to set change PIN on Chromebook

Many people use 6 digit PIN instead of a password to log into their Chrome OS device as it is much easier to remember. To set a PIN on your Chromebook:-

Go to the quick settings panel at the bottom right corner. Then open the settings page by tapping on the ‘cogwheel’ icon. Then in the left sidebar click on ‘security and privacy’. From here select ‘Lock screen and sign in on the right side. It will ask you to enter your Chromebook password which is also your Google account password.

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Then select the option to ‘Change PIN’. Next, set your new 6-digit PIN and hit the ‘Continue’ button. It will ask you to confirm your PIN once again. Lastly, enable the ‘unlock automatically once PIN is entered’ option.

Now you can use this PIN instead of a password to sign into your Chromebook. Notably, you can also use your password by enabling the ‘Switch to password’ option available at the bottom.

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How to secure Chromebook password with Two-step verification

Enabling 2-step verification for your online accounts is a very good security practice. To secure your Chromebook password with 2-step verification:-

First of all open Chrome on your Chromebook. Then go to your profile icon at the top right corner of the page. Then tap on ‘Manage your Google account’. Then go to the ‘Security’ section from the left sidebar and tap on ‘2-step verification’ on the right-hand side.

Here you need to enter your Google password to authenticate your identity. You can also verify your credential in another method like setting up Google prompt security key or an authenticator app. You can also enable the option to receive a text or voice message with a one-time password on your mobile number.

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Remember to generate “Backup Codes” and keep them safe. Now when you sign in with your Google account, the website will send a prompt on your device to verify the login process.

I hope you find this article helpful to know how to change your password on a Chromebook. Although Google is working to make a password future at present it is very important to protect your accounts. So these simple steps make your accounts safe and secure. For the more latest information on tech news stay tuned with us.

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