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Automatic Call Recorder Best Android App

Many such apps have come on the smartphone, which has made people’s life easier. The thing that we cannot even guess, they do the app. There is one such app. With the help of this, you can listen to the phone record of anyone.

Now the person whose call you want to hear on your phone. You have to install this app on his phone, only then you can hear the call of that person on your phone.


Friends, now you can listen to the calls. Someone else’s phone is very easy on your phone. friends what happens is that we want our friend relative what you are talking about on the phone, that is what we are You were able to listen on the phone. So friends today, I will tell you a way by which you will make the settings in your mobile so that whatever calls will be received on his phone will be forwarded to your phone.

How to listen to any other person’s phone recording?

Do you want to record all the calls on the other’s phone? If you want the details of all the calls to continue, then there is an app available in the Google Play Store that will help you in this work. The name of this app is Automatic Call Recorder. It records the call of any smartphone and sends it to you,

through this app you can easily find the call details of any user on your phone. As it is known by the name Automatic Call Recording app, you need to install this app in the phone of someone whose call detail is required, the front person will not know about this app after installing this app. Recording starts on the phone itself.

While installing this app, the user will have to give his email ID from which all the details will be sent, with the help of this app, the user can operate the phone from anywhere. The phone can also be unlocked, not only that, but the user can also turn off the phone’s WiFi and mobile data, and recordings can also be sent through the phone via WiFi. First of all, download the app,

Install the app and open it, and the message of the backup service comes. Accept this, after which enter your email ID. Now the registration voice is complete. After this, the user has to give permission to all networks, after which the user has to give an access code, and the app can be opened through the court. In these, the default code committee will have to do that.

How To Download The App?

If you want to download this application without losing time, then the link is given below. You can download this application by clicking there.

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Click on the video for more information.

For more information, the video is given below. Click on the video to get information.




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