Best Screen Recording Software
Best Screen Recording Software

Screen Recording Software is an amazing tool that allows its users to record the computer screen output. It might be a simple device, but it is much easier to follow. So, one can use it for delivering the instructions, describing the problems, or just sharing some knowledge. All that’s needed is an operating system and a guide that’s been discussed below to provide you with the information on the best screen recording software.

However, before you begin to read the same, keep in mind that these built-in tools come with the limited capabilities, and they wouldn’t allow one to record the entire desktop/file manager.

For one’s who are looking for a much more robust tool, the below-mentioned compiled list of the screen recording software will help you. Go ahead and continue the read to make a pick from.


Screen Recording Software- Free & Paid 

There are varied paid and free software that are available for you to use. Just use it with caution, as there are some vendors who might need you for buying the paid version after the free software is downloaded to get the full access to the functions of the software.

  1. Free Cam

It is the ideal screen recording software that is used to make the WMV screen capture. The software is completely capable with the Microsoft version and is a free software that comes with a built-in video and audio editor. Apart from it, Free Cam,

  • Has quite an attractive/intuitive interface that allows one to record, complete the computer screen or just the portion of the screen. The size remains adjustable for the area that needs to be captured or recorded.
  • Even after being the free recorder, the software doesn’t place the watermark.
  • It is ad-free.
  • There isn’t any limit on recording time. One can record the videos for as long as its desired.
  • Voiceovers are recordable, and so are the computer audios.
  • The resolution offered by the software is of high quality.
  • Removes the background noise and has a wide selection of the audio effects.

However, there are certain disadvantages with the software too. It saves the recording just in WMV, and it doesn’t promote the webcam recordings.

  1. ShareX

ShareX is one another screen capture software for the PC that records the online screen recordings. It is completely capable with Windows and,

  • Come with varied advantages like its paid competitors.
  • It is targeted towards the developers and the power users. So, at times the average customers might find themselves lost within the advanced editors and the tools.
  • It records the whole screen, monitor, freehand, and the scrolling.
  • It comes with hotkeys that are for the easier and the quick navigation.
  • The software also supports varied URL-sharing services and comes with no advertisements.
  • Can easily import the existing music, videos, and the pictures.
  • Allows the custom watermarks and also the amazing color effects.
  1. Ezvid

It’s the perfect screen recorder that makes the quick video clips and also shares the same on the YouTube. It is the free software that claims for being the world’s too. The clarity of it gets enhanced through the product speed, in specific, that has been designed for the users to save time, which will help in production and the upload of the videos on the YouTube platform directly in just a few minutes. It is, therefore, an amazing software for gamers and the fans who are interested in making the videos and doing it frequently.

Apart from the above, Ezvid offers,

  • Computer-generated speech for the narrative purpose.
  • Has an automatic high-quality resolution.
  • The speed control on the output videos.
  • Has this sleek/modern interface that allows instant upload on YouTube.

However, the users have reported as extraneous noises while using the software. They even said to have found the minor bugs and some inconsistencies, like the non-presence of the fullscreen game.

  1. iSpring Suite

This is the most perfect solution to have the screencasts, complete video courses, and also the software tutorials.

iSpring Suits is meant for the Windows users and is an extremely easy tool that allows one to make the screencasts using the voiceovers, annotations, and instructional videos. Once the screen capture gets recorded, one can easily edit the same effortlessly. Further,

  • The software can record 2 videos at the same time. The screencast and also the webcam video.
  • It records the narration.
  • Has the multi-track timelines for the video editing purposes.
  • Creates a smooth scene transition.
  • There isn’t any time limit for the recording.

However, in here, there is only an mp4 video format available, and there are just a few animations and quite a few interactive features. However, if you ignore it, this software is more than just the screen recorder, and there isn’t any experience/tech skills requirement.

  1. Filmora Scrn

This is quite a perfect screen recording software that is used for recording and streaming games. The best part of the software is that it can be used both on Mac and Windows. It allows one to capture the fast-paced scenes that get recorded simultaneously, a webcam video. Further, it also comes with,

  • Basic video edit functionality allows one to improve the video look and the tutorial features, which can help the direct attention for the main items on the screen.
  • The software can record the computer/webcam in a simultaneous manner.
  • It comes with picture-in-picture mode.
  • Has HD, and the 4K recording get supported.
  • Frame rate from around 15 to 120 FPS.

However, this feature lacks the advanced edit features and has some noticeable performance impact within games.

Final Words

Hopefully, this guide was able to provide you with the names of some best screen capture software. You can use it and get the needed benefits. Just make sure before you begin using it, you look for not just the capabilities but also the user interface or the needed features. It will help you to avoid issues later on.

Further, also choose the vendor properly as in case if you choose one and they charge later on, it can be a huge turn-off and stop tasks in between, especially if it’s the most urgent one. So, check for reviews, look for features, and everything that you have in head before you begin the software use.



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