Best Gaming Mouse For Mmorpgs In 2023
Best Gaming Mouse For Mmorpgs In 2023

MMO games, including the World of Warcraft/Final Fantasy XIV, have a passionate fanbase. It also has many manufacturers of the mouth, the release of which remains dedicatedly designed with the players in the mind. It is because they understand the importance of the gaming mouse for the MMORPGs; after all, there are a lot of skills, macros, and items to manage at the same time.

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Now, even the basic Microsoft mouse is perfectly fine for playing the MMOs, but then again, to have an excellent gaming mouse with those side buttons and the effective control, it is something totally different. So, the question is, why not spend a bit and have the best out of it?


Considering the above, the below-mentioned data will provide the list of the few best gaming mouse for the MMORPGs for 2023. Go ahead and give it a read to find the best for yourself. However, before you do, look for comfort, shapes, controls, size, etc.

Best Gaming Mouse for the MMORPGs

  1. Razer Naga Pro

Weighing 116.7 g, this mouse is wireless and comes with the Bluetooth connections. There are, in total, 12 side buttons (arranged in the 4×3 grid) in it, and it comes with the interchangeable side panels. All the buttons have been angled slightly differently to make it distinguishable and easier. Further,

  • In terms of comfort, Razer Naga Pro is a solid choice that has the pinky rest.
  • It has the left-handed version, but it’s just the wired model.
  • In terms of performance, the mouse has low click latency and comes with the outstanding sensor performance, allowing users to have the responsive gameplay while the cursor movements, they are accurate and consistent.

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Recently the newer version of the mouse was released, and it is quite improved from the previous ones. It comes with the durable optical switches and the longest battery life. Further, the scroll wheel, it comes with the new function, allowing one to fine-tune how would the scroll wheel behave.

However, it doesn’t have the complete free-spin mode as it was provided with the previous versions. Though these are just minor changes but if you listen to the demand of the customers and the review of theirs, the older version still continues to be on-demand.

  1. Logitech G600

Costing $38.99, the G600 mouse has 20 programmable buttons. It also is one of the adaptable ones that allows the users to play MMOs, including the World of Warcraft or The Lost Ark, like a breeze; after all, the mouse is quite a choice for the binding utilities. As part of its other benefits, it comes with,

  • A design that remains focused on the MMO players.
  • The modifier button is present on the mouse.
  • None of the accidental misclicks.
  • The G-shift function.

However, at times, side buttons can be quite challenging for the use. Also, this mouse is meant for the right-handed people only and has the underwhelming cable quality. Even after this, the mouse is the excellent choice if you are looking for quality and a reasonable price.

  1. Corsair Scimitar Elite

Priced a bit higher (%59.99) than the one discussed before, the 17 programmable buttons of this mouse will help in keeping the key bindings of MMORPG, within the easier reach. Also, you will be able to establish the perfect comfort zone for using the skills by just sliding the side panel.

Apart from the above, the mouse has,

  • Comfortable design
  • Adjustable side panels
  • Enhanced sensor
  • Sleep Design
  • Premium material

But the numerous macro buttons do need some awkward movements of the thumb, and it might be a bit too wide. However, do not forget that this mouse’s sliding side panel would give you the impression that you have the covenant power for the mouse.

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  1. SteelSeries Aerox 9 

This is one of the best gaming mouse that comes the Bluetooth connectivity and 2.4 GHz wireless connections that will help in keeping the desk organized while you play the games. Further, its 18 customizable buttons, they will help one to use their skills perfectly. Also, if you are willing to get wired, there’s the option to connect the device using the USB-C cable.

The mouse also has,

  • Better battery life
  • Flexible options for connection
  • Lightweight
  • Easy portability

The only issue here is that the mouse can be a bit more than the other mouse that we have on the list, but the construction and the capabilities it carries, it makes it worth making the purchase of the mouse. In case if you purchase it, be assured that this one will work exceptionally; after all, they designed the mouse by keeping in mind the users of it, which are the gamers.

  1. Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite

Weighted 107.6 g, the mouse has no Bluetooth connection and is a wired choice. It comes with the 12 side buttons, and for the mid-range, it is the must-have for a gamer.

The price for the mouse is currently affordable, and the choice of it is solid. It also has that textured grip that is present on the right-hand side, which makes the difference as it helps to support the hand and to prevent any fatigue that is caused during the marathon raids.

Apart from it,

  • The 12 side panel buttons are adjustable, both backward and forward, and this allows the thumb to rest when the mouse is held.
  • The performance is great, and the excellent click-with-sensor performance makes it a must-buy.
  • Even after the wired model, this is one of the high-quality mouse that is better than most unwired ones.

There have been some working issues identified within the mouse, but it doesn’t stay forever and doesn’t stop the buyers from making the purchase.

Final Words

Based on our recommendations, make sure to make a pick from the above-mentioned MMORPGs mouse. In case if you have one personal best, you can let us know about it through the comment section. We will love to share it with our readers. While the gamers who are about to make the purchase, just make sure, do not go for the cheap or expensive.

See what seems to be best on the basis of your requirement. It is only then that the worth of it will be worthwhile. Be completely careful, and also remember, none of the mouse is perfect. You just have to make your pick and use it to the best possible.



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