Best Ad Blockers For A Clutter-free Browsing Experience
Best Ad Blockers For A Clutter-free Browsing Experience

Nobody likes the unwanted pop-ups, ads and the spyware but finding the best of the adblocker isn’t an easy job. It takes time but when done right, can help one to secure privacy, reduce the clutter on the websites and also avoid any kind of ads that are spyware-infected.

Now, there are both paid and unpaid versions of the ad blockers available. The choice of it is dependent on you. But then again, when you can have the best free versions working perfectly, why spend money? And if your requirements are more, why not spend a bit to have a hassle-free experience?

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Considering the requirement of today and the visitors like you who just want to get rid of the stress, we have prepared this article to provide information about some of the best ad blockers (both paid/unpaid) that will help you in having a clutter-free experience for browsing. Go ahead and give it a read to find out your best fit.

Best Ad Blockers for Clutter-Free Experience in Browsing

  1. Total AdBlock

Beginning with the first option, Total AdBlock isn’t a free-to-use ad blocker. However, it comes with a heft discount for gaining the attention of the most. Not just this, the adblocker is also known to filter the advertising nuisances that one experiences across the web, like the auto-play advertisements and the pop-ups. It is like a perfect AV security package offering complete protection.

It is available both in Android and iOS versions and the only con with this option is that it costs around $29 every year.

  1. NordVPN ad-blocker

It is yet another best ad blockers that is available. The feature comes with the threat protection bundle that protects the entire device. Also, as a bonus it comes with one of the highly reputable VPNs, allowing one to safeguard their IP while browsing. The ad blocker would prevent the unwanted ads from just popping up, including the trackers or banners or malicious content, etc.

The adblocker comes with the feature of URL trimming and it removes the tracking parameters from the URL links, providing one with the needed extra boost to privacy. Further, the adblocker also scans all of the downloaded files for checking threats and helps to get rid of the dangerous malware.

  1. Poper Blocker

The plugin is hailed as being the top pop-up blocker by varied sites. Now, this is a fair claim as it works well and helps to block ads perfectly but then again, it leaves behind varied ads that the other paid versions block every single time.

The Firefox and the Chrome versions, both of the same for this plugin, they work well for blocking pop-ups but also the website overlays which are quite common. Just in case it fails for blocking the overlay, right-click the overlay for removing the same.

Whitelisting is also available here and so is the option for reporting the pop-up fails, for getting blocked by the plugin. Apart from it all, the blocker is free to use and there aren’t any of its features that remain locked behind the paywall. One wouldn’t need to sign up too. All that’s concerning here is that the adblocker collects the data and then uses the same anonymized. However, you have the option for opting out of the data collection service to maintain privacy.

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  1. Surfshark CleanWeb

This adblocker uses the CleanWeb feature that offers a unique experience by ensuring to block usual ads that remain alongside the malicious ad-blocking feature and also the cookie pop-ups. In case if you are looking for better privacy and security, there is also the option for upgrading to Surfshark Openplan that provides the antivirus protection, a data breach scanner and also a private search choice.

As part of its features, the adblocker can monitor the data breach history of the website and enable the malware security. There is also the option for excluding/including varied websites for the tailored experience at just $3.99 per month.

The updated version, or rather the Surfshark CleanWeb 2.0 feature, it remains available as the part of an extension for the Edge, Firefox and Chrome. It is user-friendly and blocks all the ad trackers and the malware either without or with the VPN connection.

  1. AdBlock

This is undoubtedly the best ad blocker and quite a popular extension of Chrome. The adblocker offers both the premium and the free plans. However, the same remains to be the open-source tool also.

Using the free plan, one can easily get the best ad blockers and it will help in enabling or disabling the options for blocking ads and also the opportunity for blocking more ads, by manual entry of the ad URL. On the other hand, the premium version of AdBlock offers the sync and backup choice, along with the distraction control. The best is that the adblocker is completely easy to use and the extension box therein would show the number of ads which get blocked every single minute.

Can the Ad Blocker Stop the Viruses?

Yes, the ad blockers including Total Adblock, Adblock Ultimate, etc., they can block the virus. As ad blockers, they prevent some page elements from loading, it can even prevent the infected scripts from loading on the web pages or for preventing any kind of pop-ups that come with the malicious phishing links to show on the screen.

Either way, before you choose the ad blocker for blocking the virus, remember that it can stop the virus but it isn’t that an effective antivirus tool. So, you will be required to have the best antivirus solution that can provide you with the needed services.

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Final Words

Know that, there are varied options available in the name of ad blockers but they aren’t all effective. There are some which are quite dangerous. They just fail for blocking the pop-ups, YouTube video ads or the banners, hence delaying the loading time and also causing the loss of bandwidth.

There are some which also keep tracking the data constantly, selling the same to 3rd parties, and hence causing the device of yours to get affected with the malware. So, make sure to choose the ad blocker properly. Do not just pick one because it is free or paid. Do proper research and then begin the use and in case if you have already been using one reliable one, you can share it with us. It will help our readers a lot.



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