App has a collection of DPs and Prank your friends 

This app contains a collection of DP’s for girls and boys to put it as their profile pictures.  Friend Search app also contains tips for girls and boys or for married couples about their life and all the related tips are given in the app.
friends Mobile Number app will help you to easily find any girls WhatsApp numbers which is very difficult nowadays, but this makes it easy and fast. So download the app and chat with different country girls on call or chat via WhatsApp which is the best way to start dating online and be in love with your favorite

How to use:

Open the app and you will find a list of Indian friends.
Choose your favorite girl or what you like from the list.
Click on it and it will show her details like her name, age, interest and also her phone number.
Click on get my number button and you will get the number. Copy that number and create a new contact in your mobile phone.
Then refresh the contact list of WhatsApp you will find that number in WhatsApp contact list.
Start chatting with those friends by sending a message.


  • Be friends with
  • Chatting with girls
  • Dating apps for teen
  • Call Girlfriend
  • Find a Girlfriend


App contain is must be use 18 age +.
Friends Number Prank is a prank application which is design only for fun. This app just shows some fake numbers.

Disclaimer :

Content presented in this app is collected from the internet. We do not have any right of any kind on this material and we invalidate all types of realities about this material. This application is prank app. We are developed this application for only entertainment purpose. If you have any query about this application please contact us without any hesitation


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