AOE Notification LED Light
AOE Notification LED Light

Getting the notification on your phone in a normal way looks boring. Use the new AOE Notification LED Light app to set the unique notification light on your phone. Users can add the led light around their phone notch. They can also customize their phone in many Aspects in their phone.

They can add edge lighting, set the amazing wallpaper, charing animation, etc with the help of this new Notification LED light app. Read this post to know everything about the new Notification LED light app and how you can customize your phone.

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AOE Notification LED light

This new Notification LED light provides you so many features and allows you to customize your phone. You can add the notification led light around your phone notch, add the charging animation, Display EDGE lightning, notification background, Notification tracker, etc.

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  • Notification led light
  • LED Lighting placement and style
  • Blocklist option to prevent light from particular notification
  • Adjust Lighting brightness
  • Edge lighting
  • Always on Display pro
  • Ambient Display
  • Animated background
  • Notifications Ticker
  • Notification Preview
  • Corners Mask

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How to use Notification LED light app and customize your phone?

To customize your phone you have to Download the Notification LED light app on your phone. Grant permission to this app then tap on the Edge Lighting option then tap on the Notification Lighting option to set the led light for your notification. You can select the option when you want to set the notification led light when your phone screen is On or Off or always Off or On.

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Set the light for your Latest notification when you receive more than one notification. This app also allows you to customize the color for your different app notifications. You can see the different colors for your WhatsApp notification, for your Gmail, Facebook, Contacts, dialer, Instagram, etc.

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You can also customize the lighting color, time, and effects for each contact. One of the best features of this app is the Block list that allows you to ignore the lighting for notifications from a particular contact.


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