Add voiceover on Instagram Reels
Add voiceover on Instagram Reels

Instagram has been a hub of new features since some recent years. Instagram introduced a new feature in 2018. This feature enables you to add music to your Instagram story. You can add whatever music you prefer with the music sticker on the story section. With this new move by Instagram, the users get access to millions of songs.

Users can add these music to their image stories to make their stories more interesting and conveying. Here the process is discussed about how to add music to Instagram story. This feature has become widely popular among the new users of Instagram.

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How to Add Music to Instagram Story

The process of adding your desired music to your Instagram story is discussed below. You can add any music to your Instagram story by following these easy steps.

  • Open Instagram and tap on the top left corner of the home screen. With multiple stories, you can see your profile and the option to add your own stories. Tap on the icon to continue posting the story.
  • Select the photo or video or anything you want to post as a story first.
  • After selecting the media, you can add edits and modifications to the story as per your need. These include, emojis, stickers, captions, etc.
  • After completing all these, you need to add music to your Instagram story.
  • To enable that, you have to tap the dog-eared sticker icon that lies on the top right corner of the story section.
  • After tapping the section, it will show a list of sticker options that you can use in your story.
  • Tap on the music icon there. You will easily get the icon as the sixth icon amongst the sticker list.
  • Then a list of songs and a search option will appear.
  • You need to select or search the song you want to add to your story. And you are done.

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Add Music to your Instagram Story without the Icon

You can adjust the place you want the music icon to show in your story. Or you can move the icon beyond the screen edge if you don’t want viewers to see the icon. The song’s name however will still be visible under your username on the top left corner.

You can also add the song lyrics to your story without the icon by enabling the lyrics section before posting the story. This new features can make your stories more attractive and catchy.

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