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8 Ways to Fix Instagram DMs Not Working


Admit it or not, but on today’s date, Instagram is one of the significant addictions of people, irrespective of age. Be it constant messaging or scrolling through the Instagram reels, the application has glued us all to its amazing features and quality services. The best is that Instagram also remains liable if they run into errors, bugs, and the other issues. One common issue faced is the non-working DM feature of the Instagram.

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It becomes a restriction for the users who are not able to receive, send or just view their messages. In case you happen to be someone who is facing issues with their DMs, for sure, there are varied ways that can help in fixing issues. Make sure you give the below-mentioned a read and find out how to fix this issue on Instagram without any hassles.


Ways to Fix Instagram DMs, not Working

  1. Checking Internet Connection

It might look like a mistake, but it is common. For the social media app to work, there is a requirement for constant network connectivity. If you see you are facing issues with it, the same can be due to the bad connectivity. If that’s the case, the application will definitely show the message of No Internet Connection there.

If the above-mentioned is the case, it is your clue to just turn on or check the Wi-Fi or the mobile data, and hopefully, the issue will be resolved. You can even try and use the other Instagram features to see whether your network is working properly or not.

  1. Check Instagram Servers

Instagram in itself can be the biggest culprit for messages not working. So, if they have a day off, you wouldn’t be able to load the Instagram feed, and neither will you be able to send direct messages to the other people.

If you wish to check outrage, you can visit some well-known websites like Downdetector or Instagram Down Detector and search Instagram. In case you are able to see some heavy outrage spikes, the issue is from the end of Instagram. So, just wait for Instagram to fix the issue themselves.

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  1. Force Stopping Instagram

If you see the app acting up, just force-stop the app and try to send direct messages once again. To force a stop,

  • Find the app on the home screen/app drawer and long-tap on the icon of Instagram.
  • Next, open the App info menu.
  • Tap on the option Force Stop.
  • Now, open back your app and try to send a direct message. Hopefully, the issue will be resolved.
  1. Instagram Updates

Before, we saw that there exists the chance that one is using a not updated version of the app, and it can cause DMs crashing or even stop working. It might be due to one turning off their auto updates and then refusing to update the application. It might even happen if one is using the beta building of Instagram. Now, remember that all this can cause serious threats to the phone. It is therefore recommended to update the application through the iOS app store or Google Play Store and begin the use of the latest version.

  1. Instagram Cache Clear

Sometimes overburdening Instagram cache data might lead to some common application issues like the DMs not working. One, therefore, needs to clear the cache from the app info menu. It can be done by,

  • Long-press on the Instagram app icon.
  • Open the app info menu.
  • Tap on the option storage and cache menu.
  • Then select clear cache from the above-mentioned menu.
  1. Login Again

Some users have found this method quite useful. All one needs to do are log out and log in again. Make sure you close the app completely and remove the same from the multitasking tray. Then restart the device before you log back in. Just follow the below-mentioned steps for more.

  • As the Instagram application opens, click on the option Profile on the bottom right end.
  • Next, select the Hamburger menu. It is present on the top right.
  • Next, tap on the option Settings.
  • Come down to the Settings screen and then tap Log Out.

That’s all you need to do before you close the app and then log back in after opening it up again. Once the same is done, the DMs must hopefully start to work like the usual.

  1. Using Instagram Web

When using a PC for using Instagram, you will not have a similar experience, but you will be able to have a solution in hand that can resolve your issues. Now, you can use the web version of Instagram for uploading pictures and watching stories.

You will not be required to make any separate downloads/installations for using the social media account on the PC. Just go to the website and log in using the credentials.

  1. Connect with Instagram Support

In general, the above-mentioned steps would work for getting the Instagram DMs up and working. However, if these do not work, you can contact the Instagram Support. They will hopefully be able to sort out your issues and find the reason for why you are facing them.

To contact,

  • When on the DM screen, just shake the phone, and there will be visible the Error reporting screen.
  • Next, tap on the option Report a problem and just follow the process for describing the concern.
  • The app will automatically take a screenshot of the issue, so you do not have to worry about anything.
  • In case you want to troubleshoot the problem before you report, just head to Instagram support and browse the resources.

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Reasons for Instagram DMs, not Working

There are various reasons due to which your Instagram DMs are not working. To find out the exact one, it might not be easy, but if you try, you will definitely be able to sort out the issue. However, before you try anything, it is better to know some common reasons that cause your DMs on the app to act out and not work. They are,

  • Server outage
  • Not updated version of Instagram
  • Internet connection issues, etc.

Final Words

It is hoped that the above methods were able to help you in getting the Instagram DMs working again. Now, the single solution might not be the solution for all, so go ahead and browse through the list, find your reason for the solution, and see the results.

Do not forget, if you have been blocked by the other person, you wouldn’t be able to send direct messages to them. For normal situations, the above-mentioned will be enough for you to find the right solution. So, go ahead and try. Do not wait.



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