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5 important things about PUBG Mobile.


Friends, you must have heard the name of the pubg. There are hardly any people who will not hear the name of the pubg. pubg This is no small game. It is a very big game and it is a very good game that is played by a lot of people. And if you also play pubg then this article is just for you. Because playing game is not easy. If you play pubg, then you have to learn first. You might be playing pubg, but you have some things about pubg that you may not know. In this way, today I will share some 5 things about pubg so that you too will know about pubg. So let me start and explain to you step by step, then you read this article carefully and read it till the last.

Why is a PUBG game so popular?

The reason why the pubg game is so popular is that its intense gameplay where anything can happen at any point. Must have good throat skin as well as good luck to win the game. The craze of PUBG game is spreading so much that people who never used to play games on their computer or mobile also play game today. The most important thing is that you can also play pubg with your friend.

Brendan Greene.

Greene has been a fan of Battle Royal and shooting games since the beginning. Later he used to play a game called Arma just like the pubg. In this game, by default, you were named Player 1, after which you can change Greene. In the profile of this game, you changed your name from Player 1 to Player unknown. Because they felt more total.


Blue Zone.

The blue ZONE of the PUBG game, which is slightly smaller and comes close to all people, initially was to be placed square instead of the round but the square shape would be much easier for the player to understand and question and also in the programming of the quadrangle ZONE. Finally, because of a problem, it was finally scored.

Erangle Map.

The erangle map of the pubg game is designed by Brendan Greene, the name of the erangal is derived from the word Erinn. It means Ireland and brendan’s daughter’s name is Erin. To add to the charm of the game, a storyline is also created in Battleground Low as the island was captured by the military at the end of World War 2.


PUBG’s most iconic weapon is neither a gun nor a rifle, but this is pan. When it was initially put in the pan game, only one hit would kill a man, whether he wore helmet level 3 or Armar Qin.because later it was changed, but the PAN is very important in the game, in the situation when the animibhut is very close or in such a situation when it is not understood, what should be done, Bedan continues to make it more useful. That he is the favorite weapons in PUBG.

So I have told you 5 such special things about game, then you must have understood.

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