WhatsApp introducing a Block shortcut
WhatsApp introducing a Block shortcut

Every day new features keep coming inside WhatsApp. Similarly, 3 new features were released inside WhatsApp, which you might not know about. These are 3 special features, using which users will be very happy. These three features have been launched by WhatsApp, with the help of which you will find it very good to talk on WhatsApp. These three features include this special feature related to messaging and a profile photo with voice recording.

The company had been beta testing these new features for a long time and now they are being rolled out for iPhone users. So if you want to know about these 3 new features which were released inside WhatsApp. So read this article carefully and read till the last. Because today I will tell you step by step in complete detail so that you can also understand and share with your friends.

1. Voice Recording Feature.

People were waiting for a long time for this feature. iPhone users will be able to use this feature after the new update. As you record voice and pause it, you can record voice from there. An advantage of this feature will also be that users can pause and listen to the voice note while recording it. And if you feel that the recording is not correct, then you can also delete it. And if the recording is correct then you can continue from there.


2. No one can WhatsApp message you without permission.

With the help of this feature, iOS 15 users can decide who can and cannot message them. This feature lets you use the focus mode present in iOS 15. Initially, you used to get this feature for the Cable I Message app but now the company has made it available in WhatsApp as well. Initially, you used to have this feature only for the Messages app, but now the company has made it available in WhatsApp as well.

3. The user’s photo will appear in the WhatsApp notification.

The best part of this feature is that iOS 15 users will see the photo of the sender of the message in the WhatsApp notification. Earlier it used to be that whenever you got a WhatsApp notification, only the name of the users was visible. But now the notification will come on WhatsApp, then the user’s photo will also be visible.

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