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10 special features of Instagram There are many features on Instagram that you are unaware of and it is quite useful to know them. Next, we have given information about some similar features of Instagram.

10 special features of Instagram you may not know.

features of Instagram - technewztop.com
features of Instagram

Most of you will be using the popular application of Instagram for photo sharing. On this, apart from photo share, likes and comments, you can also follow your favorite celebrity. But despite this, there are many such features on its Instagram which can be very important for you to use and can make the use of Instagram even easier. Today we are giving information about 10 such features of Instagram.

If you want to know these 10 features, then follow the step given below.


1. View liked posts together.

If you like any post or photo on Instagram, you will want to see many times which post you have liked. All the liked posts are available on Instagram simultaneously. To do this, click on the three points given on your profile page on Instagram. Where the option will be open and here you can see all the posts liked on the same page by clicking on the post you have liked.

2. Clear the search history.

Clear the search history - technewztop.com
Clear the search history

There is also an option to clear search history on Instagram, which few people will know or use. By scrolling down in the option itself, you will get the option to clear the search history. By clicking here you can delete your search history on Instagram.

3. Hide tag photo.

If your friend has tagged you in a photo or video, you can hide if you want. After which it will not appear on your wall. To hide a tagged photo or video, click Photos of You in your profile. Where you can manually remove the tag photo.

4. Remove your photo from the photo map.

If you go out somewhere or spend time with friends on Instagram, then there is the option of location pin in which you or your friends post their group photo at that location. But if you want to remove the photo from the photo map, you can remove it by clicking on the option on the map when the profile settings are open.

Remove your photo from the photo map - technewztop.com
Remove your photo from the photo map

5. Know which friend has liked and commented on which post.

You can view your liked posts together. But apart from this, you can also know which posts your friends like and comment on Instagram. For this, you can click on the Like button below and go to the following and see which posts have been liked and commented.

6. Keep your favorite person’s post notification on.

If you do not want to miss the notifications of any of your followers or celebrities, then you can make a notification on Instagram for that. To open the notification, first, open the profile of your favorite person. Then click on the three points on the right side there. On clicking, you will come across some options, of which click on the option of a turn on post notification. After this, you will get the notification of all his posts.

7. Your permission will have to be taken before tagging photos.

Whenever someone tags a photo or video on Instagram, it automatically gets included in your profile. But if you want, you can remove this option. For this, you just have to go to the Photos of You option and click on Add Manually.

Keep your favorite person's post notification on
Keep your favorite person’s post notification on

8. Hide Ed.

Ed also comes on Instagram many times. If some of them are neither of your interests nor use, then you can also hide them. If you click on the add button above on that ad, you will get the option of Hyde Dec. After clicking her she will be Ed Hyde.

9. Send a message privately.

If you want to privately message a friend on Instagram, for that, open his profile and click on the three points given there. After this, the option of sending a message will come, click on it and you can send a private message.

10. Use your Instagram as a photo editor.

You can also use your Instagram as a photo editor. In this, you can filter and edit your photo without posting anything. For this, it is only necessary that your phone is on an airplane mode.

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