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10 Best Ways To Hide Your Identity Online


To hide the identity when using the internet, it is a means to leave behind none of the traces in regards to who you are. With it, one enjoys the web normally, and with all the precautions taken, it also ensures the identity to not be compromised. Definitely, online anonymity is an amazing way for hiding the Identity, and it also helps in disconnecting the internet completely, but this way is very unrealistic for many of us.

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So, the point is, why not try different other ways available for covering the tracks and hiding the online identity completely free of cost and in a much easier manner to be adapted in the daily life?


If you are one such person who has been looking to hide the Identity online, go ahead and check out this post. It will provide the 10 best ways to do so. Continue to read ahead and get the needed information.

Why Hiding the Identity is Important?

It is way easier for the personal details to get leaked on the internet through hackers or the companies which are completely capable of selling the information or through the other methods which are not considered acceptable.

To secure the Identity while using the web, it helps in keeping personal details at a very minimum, so is to make sure that one does not have to worry about harassment or identity theft or spam or privacy intrusion, etc.

Hiding Identity Online- How to Hide Identity?

To hide the identity online will require making several changes within the digital routine. It can be either the replacement of the operating system or changing the search engine, etc.; whatever works best must be used. Some of the steps which can be taken for hiding Identity are,

  1. Browsing Anonymously

The best way for hiding oneself is, browsing the web in the way that can hide one’s identity. In this way, the real information doesn’t get exposed on the web, and it becomes less likely that one will get the IP address of yours or find your address or know what you have been searching for, or just target you with all the ads on the device, etc.

  1. Deleting Personal Information

It becomes very difficult to hide who one is online when the personal details remain available out there. The search engines used, they provide quite an easy way for others who wish to target you to find your home address, phone number, phone number, email address, etc.

Even though the information cannot be removed, after all, it is all within the public domain and different websites, and it gets updated continuously, what one can try to do is, delete what is currently available, completely free of cost.

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  1. Using Encrypted Messaging Applications & Encrypted Browsers

Use the encrypted messaging application. The messaging applications having encryption will ensure that only the sender & the recipient are able to view the message that has been exchanged. Definitely, there are many applications that offer the end-to-end encryption, but WhatsApp and Signal are some of the amazing examples of the encrypted applications for the messages.

When it comes to browsers, remember that Google is quite notorious as it carries a lot of data collection. So, try to avoid using Google Chrome or any of the other browsers that are provided by the large technology companies. Try to use the secure browser, which can be able to help you encrypt the IP address as well as the web activity.

  1. Using Secured Email

Definitely, Gmail provides ease of use, but it keeps all the private emails on the server. Therefore, people have been looking for security options, and now there are many such options available that do not have to provide the government with the customer data, and they cannot be forced for doing the same. They ensure end-to-end encryption along with the open source code. The best is that such services remain completely free irrespective of the operating system you are using.

  1. Temporary Emails

In case if you do not wish any company to email you with the newsletter on a daily basis, go ahead and use the temporary Emails. There are different websites which provide you with throw-away email addresses completely free.

  1. Using Encrypted Storage

On the Google train, there remains the stored photos, files, and documents in the Google Drive, and this is definitely not the best choice when it comes to the privacy. Now there are some of the cloud storage service providers who offer end-to-end encryption, and the same can be used, to keep your identity private.

  1. Checking Application Permissions

Well, the guilt remains for all of us when it comes to accepting the terms and conditions of the application mindlessly. It will be better if, before doing so, we see what exactly the applications are asking the permission for. It is completely up to us about what we wish them to keep track of.

  1. Using Ad Blockers

They are some software that places the ad all across the phone, tablets, and the computers. However, in spite of software, there are many applications and websites which offer advertising that can get quite annoying. So, make sure to use some of the ad blockers that will help you.

  1. Reading Privacy Policies

Make sure to check what kind of data applications or the websites are collecting or sharing, or selling before you go ahead to use the website or the application. Remember that there are many companies that have been selling the user’s personal information to the third parties for advertisement and marketing, and this is completely not conducive to the privacy.

  1. Disabling Cookies

There are ads that follow you like a stalker all over the internet. Remember, cookies, they are the data about the activities you do online, and this is what is responsible for shaping the targeted ads, and at times, they get aggregated or anonymized.

However, the same wouldn’t happen if we disable the cookies on some of the popular browsers, including Chrome, and this can be done by going to the content settings.

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Final Words

The consequences of not having the online privacy are identity theft, data collection, and customer tracking. Remember, the internet is full of all such people who can do all the three if your information is available to them freely. This is why it becomes important to pay the attention to search history and to maintain privacy; after all, we are being under the surveillance constantly by the online businesses.

So, if you have been planning or have plans to hide your identity online starting today, you are making a completely wise choice. Go ahead and make no compromises. It will help to stay secure and away from a lot of online scams.




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