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10 Best Tips To Design A Blog.


Friends, in today’s article, I am going to tell you that if you are a blogger and will tell 10 important tips to design a good blog because there are many people who are not able to design a blog well.

If you want to know that you want to design your blog well, then today’s article is just for you because within the article I will tell you important things.

Regarding the design, with the help of which you will get a lot of help, then let’s start.


What would be the benefit of designing a blog?

As you know that blog design visitors like it the most, so it becomes more important to have a good design of the blog. When visitors like your site, they will want to come back to your site. This will increase the traffic increase of the blog and will also increase the value of your site.

What is needed to design a blog?

If you have a blog on WordPress or Blogger, it is very important to have a little knowledge of its coding to design your blog. Otherwise, you may also mistake somewhere.

Often the new blogger is not aware of this and he sometimes loses the data of his blog, then you first make a backup of your blog and only then start designing the blog.

10 tips on how to design a blog well?

You always kept adding new features to your blog. Try to make your site as best as you can, so that your visitors keep getting information about the feature not on your blog.

1. Blog Header.

Design the blog header well. Just like a website, the header is the most important part of the blog and comes first in the eyes of the visitors, so the header of your blog should look exactly like the website.

2. Blog Template.

First select the template themes of your choice for your blog, so that you do not have to change the template again and again. Going ahead, you are going to design it, so think carefully and choose a fast loading template that you like.

3. Use a popular post.

Visitors can read your popular and latest posts while reading posts on your site. For this, add good styles popular post widget to the blog.

4. Website Navigation.

Add top-quality navigation to the blog which is mobile responsive.

5. Next Previous Posts.

Next Previous Posts.
Next Previous Posts.

Visitors open the home page of your site the most. In such a way, add text and previous post option under the layout on the home page, so that the user can read more of your posts.

6. Design a comment well.

Design your blog’s comment style a little better, which visitors like, and looking at other’s comments, they also want to comment on your blog.

7. Author.

Add about us form to the blog post and write about yourself in it. This makes the visitors trust you and they can know who you are and why you have created this blog?

8. Add Subscribe Widget.

In the blog sidebar, add a well subscribe widget similar to the design of your blog, which will make your blog and your battery appear.

9. Use a good background.

Each blog has different information. In such a situation, choose the background of your blog related to the topic on which information is shared on your blog, like if your blog is on a news, then you can use background related to the news. This impresses visitors even more.

10. Search Bar.

It is very important to have a search box in the blog so that your visitors direct can search the information of your choice on your site and now you can also earn money by searching by adding a custom Google search engine.

10 important tips for designing a blog well that I have told you, I hope so. You must have understood.

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