10 Best Places To Get Free Music Downloads
10 Best Places To Get Free Music Downloads

Music is life. It’s the relaxation most look for to get away from the chaos of life, but then again, how to download it for free? Definitely, there are streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify which have recently gained a lot more attention but not all are ready to pay such huge premium or subscription charges and why to pay when there are so many websites available through which high-quality and free music downloads can be made? These websites offer a huge part of the music lovers who are on lookout for new songs and new artists.

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Remember that the free music websites, they offer a lot of advantages for all who wish to save some extra bucks every single month, while avoiding the subscription fee. Within this article, 10 best places or rather websites where you can get the free music downloads. Just continue reading ahead and know about it.

  1. Reverbnation

Known to be a unique website, it allows unknown or upcoming artists’ music downloads. It offers 3.5 million+ artists from around 100+ countries, giving the users to find one new singer every time they pay a visit to this website. One can even list the songs streamable using the web browser. Apart from it, one can stream music or download it based on the genre with Reverbnation and even promote personal music on this world’s highly popular websites. All you need is an account, to begin with Reverbnation.

  1. Free Music Archive

FMA offers some popular free music through which one can explore varied genres and even use the same in the creative projects. Its key features include the big archive of the free music along with the wide genre and audio content availability and premium content availability with the Tribe of Noise Pro.

  1. Musify

The users of the website, Musify, can download the playlist in here from 1000+ sites including YouTube Music, SoundCloud, Spotify, playlists and even the albums to varied other formats for the offline playback. Further, there’s the option to download audio and video and make conversions of the music available in multiple languages. One can even convert the online videos from Facebook, YouTube, or the other websites for the music files.

Apart from the above,

  • YouTube Music can be downloaded without a premium account.
  • The website supports 256kbps, 64kbps, 320kbps, and 128kbps audio quality.
  • Batch downloads are supported by the desktop version of Musify.
  1. Jamendo Music

This website based in Luxembourg offers the free streaming and the download services by licensing for the artists. It indicates that the audio catalog of this website is curated more strictly than other websites, and it allows the artists to find the partnerships to monetize the content.

Jamendo remains divided into the download and streaming section and also the content licensing section. Using its main interface, one gets a chance to have many ways for finding new music. So, go ahead and explore music with the help of playlists and tags, check the radio stations that are genre-based, and listen to all of the spotlight mixes and albums.

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  1. Free Music Archive

It is another popular website that enables one to find the best music from different decades, with the use of the site. One also gets top music for a month/week with it.

Apart from the above, the website has,

  • Advanced search box.
  • Facility to listen before the download.
  • Use music without having to sign-up for the account.
  • Different genres to make the pick from.
  1. YouTube Audio Library

It is a popular place for the music/video. It is a convenient source for the royalty-free audio, which can be filtered based on the mood and genre. One can even search specifically for the content, and the artists are known.

There are two rules to the YouTube Audio Library- the audio cannot be sold as a standalone item, and one cannot use the music with the illegal content or illegally.

In case if you are looking for the music that can be used in podcasts or videos, or a creative application, hover on the date that’s added to the index and then click on the download button. As for the rest, the website has a simpler interface, and one can navigate with the use of the search filters.

  1. fm

This website offers many pages of the free music downloads in varied genres. One is allowed to browse through all these categories that count in new releases, or coming soon or just to look at the entire list.

Apart from it, there are 1000s of songs on this website, and with the site, one gets to find out the spiking artists and song previews.

  1. Audiomack

Audiomack grew into a major platform for the artists and the music lovers. The website owners are even planning to expand the way in which the fans and the artists can connect with one another, monetize content and do more.

Now, the website offers free-to-stream music, bit it is up to the holders of the rights for determining what songs remain to be downloadable. Further, the website continues to have a growing community of the music listeners while it makes successful partnerships with the artists. The website also has the application version, where one can access it all for free.

  1. Musopen

This free-to-use website offering music and the recordings is completely free to use and has legal music. It helps one to listen to the music or just download the same. Further, it offers the online radio, which one can listen to from the computer or through the mobile application of the website.

One can browse here for royalty-free music.

  1. Spinrilla

It offers the hip-hop mixtape downloads for free. One can browse through it easily for downloading the music by the mixtape name, chart, or the singles. Further, it also offers easy for understanding navigation of the website.

As for the rest,

  • One gets here individual songs/entire albums.
  • It has no ads on the website.
  • It allows one to see the mixtapes that would get released in the future.

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Final Words

The lookout for the free music is the need of many, and we have tried our best to offer the best websites used by people from around the world. Now, there are many other websites, too, and they have their personal features added to them, which makes them different from one another. So, go ahead and make a pick of the website which is the right one for you. You can even try something new if you want. Just explore.




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