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10 Best Places To Download Free Audiobooks


In today’s world, where the lives are busy, and people work hard, it becomes difficult to find time just to sit down in peace and read the books. The best is that with technology, now we have different other options available. Just to say, the audiobooks allow us to have the latest bestsellers or even listen to the old classic file while continuing errands, or just working at the gym, or even when resting on the sofa.

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These audiobooks, they are the best source of the entertainment and are easily digestible. Also, to begin, one just needs the subscription or even continue to listen to the books completely free from the vast library of the audiobooks that remain available within fingertips now.


If you are one such person who is tired of the hectic life and just wishes to find some time for yourself in between the work you do, you have chosen audiobooks as the perfect option. Also, now that you have already chosen it, it is time to know the 10 best places from where you can download the free audiobooks and listen to the same. Just continue reading ahead, and this article will provide you with the information on these websites or libraries.

  1. Overdrive

It works with local libraries nationwide to make audiobooks and ebooks completely available for users to have faster and easier downloads.

After the account has been created on Overdrive, just make sure to connect with the local library, considering that the library will work with Overdrive, and begin the use of a digital library card for checking out the audiobooks through it. Unlike varied public audiobook sites, this website provides access to the contemporary books and also the New York Times bestsellers.

  1. Lit2Go

This website car is another best collections from the public domain literature. It leans within education and rates the titles using the Flesch-Kincaid grade-level scoring system. It also makes it very easy for filtering out and browsing the audiobooks with the use of grade level that begins from the kindergarten and goes to 12th grade. In here, you will be able to play the books, chapter-by-chapter, and read along the text or just download an audiobook using Lit2Go.

  1. ThoughtAudio

ThoughtAudio is an appeal to certain kinds of readers. The book catalog offered here has a generic focus specifically on genres like philosophy titles or the classic literature.

Collection of ThoughtAudio, as of now, it’s just around 100 titles, and most of these books are easily downloadable. Apart from it, there is also the availability of the PDF transcript, which can be downloaded for the reference.

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  1. Stroynory

For you little ones who often look for entertainment during the long car trips, this website is the best. It has the best collection of the kid’s audiobooks which you can find around. From the fairy tales to educational, classic authors, myths, etc., much more is available here. The best is that the website comes with the transcripts of all stories, just in case if you wish your kids to read through the same.

  1. Overdrive

For your search for the modern audiobooks, this website is the best to get started. The functions of it are similar to that of the virtual library, and it works for the eBooks and also the audiobooks. All that’s needed here is to provide the library card/student id, and the website will give you a complete access to a wide eBook range and the range of audiobooks to make a pick from.


This is MindWebs, the archive creation of the episodes from Michael Hanson’s mind. Every episode, it is a half-hour long, and it consists of a short story from around 100+ different authors. Further, many options are quite enthralling, and the best is that they are free. So, in case if you wish to find something that’s a lot more thought-provoking, MINDWEBS is the choice you must make.

  1. Loyal Books

This website has multiple languages, and comes with 100+ top audiobooks, which are organized within different genres and many more choices. It is free to use, and one can view audiobooks here with the language, genre, and varied other categories to pick in. So, go ahead and listen or download the chapters in a ZIP file or M4B files for the iPods or the iPhones. You will also be able to get books using an RSS reader.

  1. io

The audiobooks can be launched Using this website, like the podcasts in the iTunes. There are various ways to locate the new and free audiobooks, some of the well-known titles, and even the lesser-known. Apart from it, these books can be listened to in varied languages after the selection has been made from varied categories. is like a directory, making it too easy to find the downloads of the public domain audiobook, which can then be played using iTunes.

There are more than 100,000 items on this website, with a collection of eBooks and audiobooks in varied genres and from varied authors.

  1. Google Play

Google Play is a good one for all those existing users of the Google Play Books, which have the option of M4A exporting. It will provide an opportunity to have a smaller book collection on the Google account for reading it through the Google Play Books app, which you will be able to enjoy using the free options that are available for the users.

There are just 2 simple genres here, including fiction and the non-fiction, with the free audiobooks offered by Google.

  1. Free Classic Audio Books

Through these websites, you get audiobooks that remain available in varied audio formats. It is one of the best places to get the classic audiobooks from, and one can download the individual chapters here along with the entire book.

The website might not be that fun to use because of the lack of graphics and a lot more website ads, but it has the best classic and the fiction audiobooks, which can be viewed or rather sorted through recently added or through the last name of the author.

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Final Words

So, now that you know the 10 best website names that can offer you some amazing audiobooks, why not try the same? It will not provide you with the book in your hand and coffee in other feelings but will help you to calm your mind by getting you out of the chaos of the daily life. All you need to do is try today and leave the rest. It will be worth it.



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